Creative Outdoor Ideas

Creative Outdoor Ideas

Creative Outdoor Ideas to try. Saving this!

Spring is almost here! Well, in this part of California it feels like spring IS here. No matter what the weather feels like where you live, I think we’re all a little excited to spend more time outside! Today I’ve collected some creative outdoor ideas that you can use this season or all year long. Some ideas are simply gorgeous, others are downright brilliant!
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  1. I liv in a condo so I don’t really have places where I can hang bird feeders, but a friend of mine just bought a house and she and I will enjoy handing teapots in the trees in her backyard. Cute idea.

  2. Carol Ann Burdin says:

    I love this.

  3. Great DIY ideas there as always. I love the outdoor water table and sink, and given that I can easily get these materials, I am definitely goign to get my tools and start working on this. Thanks a lot for the great pieces of inspirations.


  4. Birds do not usually except this type of nest box. But it’s so pretty I’m putting several up! Hoping for the best!!!!

  5. Love this a teeny tiny garden shed, so cute!