Plastic Wine Glass Cupcake Stand

Plastic Wine Glass Cupcake Stand Welcome to Smart School House! Today we are showing you how to make a fun, inexpensive, unique, and cute DIY cupcake stand! The supplies for a plastic wine glass cupcake stand are easy to find and the result is something that your friends, family, and most importantly, your kids, will […]

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Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Chip Cookies

Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Chip Cookies Happy fall! As I’m sitting here now, the wind is gently blowing outside and crisp leaves are blowing around in the street. Is it just me or does the air in fall have a very distinct feel? It’s crisp, cool (but not cold), and it even smells good. Pumpkin spiced […]

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Popsicle Hacks

Popsicle Hacks Popsicles are so fun to make! They’re even more fun to eat! Forget buying pre-made popsicles and use these tips for making some awesome homemade treats. Click the back and forward buttons below to see these amazing popsicle hack recipes.

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Watermelon Fun Dip Parfait

Watermelon Fun Dip Parfait Happy summer! Today we were in the mood to make something fun. We wanted it to be cold, since it’s hot outside. But we also wanted it to be yummy and, of course, easy to make! So, we headed to the kitchen to look for supplies. You are going to LOVE this […]

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5 Simple Dessert Ideas

This post is sponsored by Hershey’s 5 Simple Dessert Ideas While our school year is quickly wrapping up, our patience seems to be dwindling too. The rush of the school week, the work week, and after school activities combined with weekend events can be overwhelming at times. I recently decided to stop and smell the roses with […]

Kids Recipe by Photo

My kids and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen creating new recipes and also whipping up family favorite recipes. My kids usually watch me take photos of whatever we’re making, and often times love helping me take the photos. When you’re working with sugar, sprinkles, and fun ingredients, what child wouldn’t want […]

Fruity Marshmallow Crunch

Fruity Marshmallow Crunch Happy spring! In celebration of the season, we’ve made something colorful and sweet. Well, it’s actually a little bit salty too. Fruity Marshmallow Crunch is guaranteed to hit the spot if you’re craving something salty and sweet! What I love is that it’s so easy to make and it looks really pretty […]

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Tostada Cakes

Tostada Cakes We love days when we think up fun and easy-to-make treats. Today was one of those days! Tostada Cakes are small, crunchy, sugary tortillas topped with sprinkles and white chocolate chips! They take a few minutes to cook and are fun to munch on. Can’t wait to show you how to make this cute treat.

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Great Dessert Ideas

Great Dessert Ideas Looking for some great dessert ideas? I love stumbling across unique, creative, and awesome dessert ideas that are actually do-able (it’s no fun if it’s too hard, right?). Check out all of these neat dessert ideas that are easy, fun, and totally worth saving! Click the back and forward buttons below.

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Marshmallow Cookie Sandwiches

Marshmallow Cookie Sandwiches It’s Friday! We’ve had a fun, busy, successful week at school and at home and we are EXCITED about a relaxing weekend. To kick things off, we came home and started baking some cookies… and boy did we come up with something good………… You’re going to love these Marshmallow Cookie Sandwiches. Best […]

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Cake Ideas and Party Themes

Cake Ideas and Party Themes Thinking about throwing a themed party? They can be so fun! Today I’ve collected some really inspiring DIY cake ideas and party themes to share with you! With just a little bit of planning and some cool ideas, you can throw a really unique party! To see each idea, click the […]

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Hard Day Comfort Food

Hard Day Comfort Food Bad day at work? Rough day at school? Friend or family problems? Dreary weather? Just feeling down? Whatever the reason might be, we all have days like that. Sometimes, cooking something delicious and comforting yourself with the ones that make you feel better around the dinner table helps you feel better. Save these […]

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Jello Sherbet Ice Cream

Jello Sherbet Ice Cream This is REAL people……REAL. It all started with an idea that I was pretty sure wasn’t going to work out as well as I was hoping. You see, I’ve never made homemade ice cream before. So, not only was I nervous that I’d mess up the base of the Jello Ice […]

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Desserts for Thanksgiving

DIY Desserts for Thanksgiving Thanksgiving desserts are not only fun to make, they are colorful, cute, and usually pretty easy to do. Well, the DIY Thanksgiving Desserts that I like are easy to make. I love to get my kids involved and have them bake along with me. To see each of these Thanksgiving Desserts, click the […]

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Blackberry Biscuit Bread

Blackberry Biscuit Bread What is your favorite meal? Breakfast? Dinner? Dessert? All of the above? Us too! Today we are sharing a sinfully sweet, soft, and creamy blackberry biscuit bread recipe. You could serve it for dessert, or if you’re in a fancy mood, serve it for breakfast! We don’t judge here…. If you are […]

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Pazookie Cookie Cups

Pazookie Cookie Cups Have you ever heard of Pazookie? Most people would say,  “YEEEEEESSSS!” (as they instantly begin to drool). If you haven’t heard of Pazookie, well, just get ready. It’s life changing. You’ll never look at cookies and ice cream the same way again! Who knew something so simple would be so delicious? Today we […]

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Homemade Cheesecake Recipe Ideas

Homemade Cheesecake Recipe Ideas Raise your hand if you love cheesecake! Me too! Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s time to start thinking about the desserts we plan to make (and eat). Cheesecake is the most popular dessert recipe because everyone loves it and there are tons of different ways to make […]

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Patriotic Jello Marshmallow Pinwheels

Patriotic Jello Marshmallow Pinwheels Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday, a link party for bloggers! This is a place for blogger to share their newest crafts, DIY projects, recipes, parenting tips, life tips, beauty tips, and so much more! It’s almost the 4th of July and we are loving everything red, white, and blue! My very favorite post […]

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