Student Accountability Binder

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Student Accountability Binder by 30 Handmade Days

Back to School season can be both exciting and overwhelming! That’s why I think it is imperative to get yourself as organized as possible (students, teachers, and parents!). Parents have the responsibility of organizing their home and the family routine, students have the responsibility of organizing their school supplies, and teachers have the responsibility of organizing their classrooms. While that is definitely not all that parents, students, and teachers organize, those are massive roles! Last week’s Whimsy Wednesday was filled with Organization Tips and Tricks for parents and teachers. Parents and teachers have a key responsibility of working together to help students with their organization skills. From homework stations, to accountability binders and bulletin board ideas, this is a motivating and incredibly useful collection! Be sure to share these super smart ideas with your friends and fellow teachers who love this kind of stuff too. Happy Back to School season! It will be Halloween before we know it:)

Back to School Organization


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