Things for Kids to do on a Caribbean Cruise

Things for Kids to do on a Caribbean Cruise Taking a cruise is a great family vacation because of all the great things to see and do! We recently visited the Caribbean on the Regal Princess and had the time of our lives! We played, explored, relaxed, and even got a little exercising in. Here […]

10 Must Know Tips for the Best Caribbean Cruise

10 Must-Know Tips for the Best Caribbean Cruise Planning the perfect vacation is fun and exciting! The desire to make everything perfect can also make the process challenging. Today we’re talking about planning a cruise: Not just any cruise though: The BEST Caribbean Cruise! Picture turquoise waters, white sand, tropical fish, blue skies, and lots of activities & […]

Disney Ding Dong Donuts

Disney Ding Dong Donuts Aloha from Disney’s Aulani in Hawaii! We have been having the best time! We can’t get enough of the lazy river, water slides, and beach. Even though it’s December, it’s hot out and we’re feeling happy and tan! Today we’re sharing a fun and cute Mickey Mouse dessert treat with you. Disney […]

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Pastry Wrapped Brie Cheese

Pastry Wrapped Brie Cheese Once upon a time, we went to France and ate every kind of cheese imaginable. Well, that might be a little dramatic. However, we did go to France and eat a lot of cheese! Who knew that you could actually eat pieces of various cheese samples as a meal? Well, you can and […]

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Pumpkin Spice Linen Mist

Pumpkin Spice Linen Mist  Infuse your home with the scent of fall with this DIY air freshener and linen spray filled with everything we love about pumpkin spice! It only requires 3 simple ingredients and is completely customizable! My family love when I spray this around the house and especially on their comforters. It is […]

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DIY Souvenirs from Italy

DIY Souvenirs from Italy We recently went on a Mediterranean cruise and got to visit a few places in Italy. We also visited Spain, a small territory of Great Britain, and even France. But, there was this tiny place in Italy that was my very very favorite. Instead of buying knick-knacks while we were there, I […]

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Stained Glass for Kids

DIY Stained Glass for Kids We recently sailed around the Mediterranean Sea on the Royal Princess cruise ship. It was a beautiful trip that we miss so much already! My husband and I went together and sent as many pictures of our experience as we could back to our kids in California throughout the trip. […]

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Lavender Laundry Sponges

Lavender Laundry Sponges Don’t you just love the comforting, clean, and relaxing smell of lavender? Lavender laundry sponges are reusable lavender scented fabric softeners. Just pop them in the dryer and your clothes come out soft and smelling lovely! Today’s DIY craft is not only fun to make, it will help you save money in your […]

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Argan Oil Chocolate Mask

Argan Oil Chocolate Mask Today’s DIY craft is inspired by one of my recent trips (you might have seen us here on Instagram sailing the Mediterranean Sea). It was such a wonderful getaway and one of my most favorite days was when I got to visit the spa on our cruise ship. The Royal Princess […]

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Mickey Pretzels

Mickey Pretzels Aloha! We are at Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii on a much needed family vacation. See what we’ve been up to here on Instagram. We’ve really been in love with everything Disney since we got here. You might have seen us make these Mickey Biscuits and today we got creative again! After a long […]

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Mickey Biscuits

Mickey Biscuits Aloha from Disney’s Aulani Resort & Spa in Hawaii! We just surprised our kids with a trip to their favorite place! They had no idea we had planned this trip and the look on their faces when we woke them up to head to the airport was priceless:) Flying here from California takes about […]

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Things You Must Do at Disney’s Aulani

Things You Must Do at Disney’s Aulani in Hawaii We recently took a vacation to Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii. It was a dream come true kind of vacation! All of the Disney magic combined with all of the Hawaiian relaxation and fun. If you are a family like ours, you must go to Disney’s […]

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