Cleaning and Couponing

Cleaning and Couponing

Cleaning + Couponing. Tips to declutter, organize, sanitize, and save!

Spring cleaning is here! The sun is shining a bit brighter these days, which makes surfaces show dirt, dust, and clutter more than ever before. While I’m not the biggest fan of cleaning, I do love to organize and declutter. It’s so important for both our sanity and the functioning of life, right? Today’s features are all about cleaning and couponing! Why not learn to save while we’re organizing and cleaning our lives? I’ve always wanted to get better at clipping coupons and I’m hoping that by learning how to organize the coupons, I can get better at using them and saving money. From organizing kitchen cabinets to sanitizing refrigerators, I think these tips are fantastic! To see the different ideas, click the next and back buttons below. Then, click the pictures to be taken to each individual tutorial. Happy spring cleaning!


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  1. I love the idea of being frugal while trying to organize. So many times I see these closet makeovers and they have these beautiful baskets that are all color coordinated. Well, I don’t have $100 to go buy a dozen or so new organizers. Thanks for the motivation!

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