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Laundry Hack by Mondo Mom

Did you know how easy it is to make some of the most common household cleaners? I didn’t know until a few years ago! With a few simple and affordable ingredients, several cleaning hacks can be discovered. Today I’m sharing 8 Cleaning Hacks that will change the way you feel about buying cleaning products. From goo gone to air fresheners and bug spray, these hacks are amazing! They were all found from Whimsy Wednesday, our weekly link party for bloggers. These bloggers are excited to share their homemade cleaning hacks with you, so help us out by spreading the word! Have fun and get creative with your household cleaners and become inspired by these genius cleaning tips. Trust me, you’ll save money and feel so proud of yourself!

Cleaning Hacks


  1. I really love the homemade goo gone! I am always wishing I had that when I was all out. Now I can make my own!

  2. Great round-up here! Thanks for including my Laundry Whitening hack!

  3. Awesome! Thank you for including my Baby Wipes!