DIY: Crayon Box

DIY: Crayon Box

Today’s DIY craft is this adorable crayon box! Back to school season is one of the best times of year and this little crafty-craft fits in perfectly with the festivities. However, what I love about this craft is that a crayon box can be embellished all year long! I recommend using this for a creative gift idea (more ideas on that later). Check out this adorable and stylishly-cute crayon box:
DIY: Crayon Box

DIY: Crayon BoxHere is a pretty little demonstration of how this box came together:

DIY: Crayon Box

 In order to make this craft, I’m going to send you over to THIS POST where I’ve embellished wooden rulers. The materials and the process is exactly the same! Pssst: do you notice that the crayon box and these DIY rulers match? How’s that for double inspiration? Talk about a perfect gift giving duo:)
Check out the supplies and the process about how to make this DIY crayon box by clicking HERE or by clicking the picture below:


Pretty Wooden Rulers
Be sure to check back later this school year for some additional gift giving inspiration that I have up my sleeve with this crayon box. What would you do with it? Keep it for yourself? Give one to your child? Or, how about a teacher gift?

DIY Crayon BoxDIY: Crayon Box

7 thoughts on “DIY: Crayon Box”

  1. {~Adorable~} THANKS for sharing! I’ll be using this craft to help our party favors blend better with my Daughter’s ‘PrincessBallerina’ BirthdayParty. 😀

  2. I LOVE the GIF! You did an amazing job and it really does illustrate the process quickly while being fun to watch! (I watched it repeat like 4 times!) Cutest little crayon box ever!

    1. Thank you Casey!!
      This gif has been quite a hit in the past 24 hours. It even made it onto Google+’s “What’s Hot” page yesterday! Not too shabby for my first gif! So many more to come…..

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