DIY Projects to Try

Make a SEASHELL PLANTER using a terra pots!

For this project, you will also need seashells and a glue gun. You can collect seashells or you can get them HERE

Simply glue the seashells around the terra cotta pot starting at the top and working your way down. 

For the complete directions, click here.

I love the way succulents look planted inside of these seashell planters, don’t you? 

You know what else is neat? Planting seashell succulents like this! This miniature shell arrangement would be a beautiful gift. 


Here’s another idea for making a seashell planter but using various shells and white acrylic pant on the top (source)

seashell planter

Check out THIS seashell planter made using gorilla glue, a plastic planter, and black seashells. WOW!

Black seashell planter

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