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Homemade potting bench made with wood pallets

Make your own potting bench! 

This potting bench is made completely from recycled wood pallets. Here’s a tip, use 2 pallets that originally held tile because they have the longest and strongest lumber (tile is heavy!). Collect salvaged hooks or find some inexpensive hardware to hang tools and store gardening supplies. 

To build a wood pallet potting bench, you will need the following supplies:

Two wooden pallets

Framing hammer

Pry bar

Measuring tape



Miter saw or circular saw

2×4 lumber (optional)

Table saw

1-5/8-inch galvanized exterior screws

Screw gun

Glue (optional)




Tack cloth or vacuum

Stain and polyurethane or primer and paint

Click HERE for the full building instructions.

Here’s another beautiful DIY garden bench made with wood pallets. I just love how this one has cubbies because the wood pallets are stacked.

DIY garden bench made with wood pallets

I also love how they stained it with color to add a little pop to the outside. Simply gorgeous!
(source unknown)

Check out this unique garden potting bench. Can you tell what it is made of? 

How to build a garden potting bench

That’s right! It’s an up-cycled crib! They’ve added some tile work and an outdoor garden sink to make the potting bench perfect. 

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