Donut Costume

Donut Costume

Written and Photographed by Sam of Atkinson Drive

I have been a huge Smart School House fan from the beginning, and I am SO thrilled that Kelly asked me here to share my latest project with you guys!

No-Sew Donut Halloween Costume by Atkinson Drive for Smart School House

Since my oldest son (who is 4-years-old) was little, I have made it a point to create all of his Halloween costumes myself. It started one year with me wanting something unique that wouldn’t break the bank. Of course my son wanted to be a shark … a costume that I couldn’t find in a store for the life of me! Once the wheels in my head started turning, I realized that a shark costume should be an easy one to DIY. Then last year – when he wanted to be a Minion from Despicable Me – the DIY momma started at it again.


No-Sew Donut Halloween Costume by Atkinson Drive for Smart School House

This year I had an extra challenge since I have two boys to make costumes for, and I was determined to figure out two coordinating costumes that they would both want to wear. My oldest is really into superheros, police, firefighters, etc. and I played off of that to come up with a fun theme for this year’s costumes: A Cop & His Donut!

No-Sew Donut Halloween Costume by Atkinson Drive for Smart School House

Today, I’m going to show you how to make your very own donut costume (and later this month on my blog I’ll be sharing the cop costume). It’s really simple, and no-sew … score!

Here’s What You’ll Need:
– Tan Felt for the Donut (approximately 1/2 yard)
– Bright Felt for the Frosting (approximately 1/2 yard)
– 3 Felt Sheets for the Sprinkles
– Velcro … to attach the donut to the shirt
– Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
– Stuffing

No-Sew Donut Halloween Costume by Atkinson Drive for Smart School House

First, you’ll need to cut all of your felt. I sketched the donut shape on my tan fabric with a marker – 18″ was the right size for us, but you can increase or decrease depending on how old your child is. Next, I sketched a free-formed circle on the blue felt for the frosting and hot-glued it on the donut “body.”

After letting my oldest son choose the three sprinkle colors, I cut them into long ovals and glued two of each color onto the frosting.

Next, use hot glue to form the “pillow case” from the donut fabric. It’s easiest if you glue the center circle together first. Then glue the outside circle leaving a few inches open so you can stuff the donut. When you’re done stuffing, use hot glue to seal the opening.

To save money, I chose to use an old shirt we had on hand for this costume. So, using adhesive velcro and hot glue, I attached the donut “pillow” to my little guy’s shirt.

No-Sew Donut Halloween Costume by Atkinson Drive

See? SO simple! This costume is so versatile – which is part of what I love about it. If you live in a warm area, use a short-sleeved shirt … but if you’re somewhere cold you can make this with long-sleeves and leggings!

My husband thought it would be hilarious to attach the donut to the back of our little guy so the donut could chase the cop.
He thinks he’s so clever 😉

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  1. What an adorable costume (I’m sure the adorable baby is making it that much cuter!). The beauty of felt is that it looks so good and you can glue it rather than sew it. There’s a costume so similar to this (but for older girls) at Pottery Barn kids, but yours is a fraction of the price! Love it! Thank for the great idea!

  2. Love love love this idea! I’m curious – how old is your baby? I want to do this for my 4 month old (5 months at Halloweeen) but I think 18″ might be too large for her 13 pound frame. Thanks!

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