Happy Trails to You Trail Mix



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Happy Trails to You Trail Mix Printable and Containers

Raise your hand if school is almost out and you’re ready for some fun in the sun? Us too!!
Some of a kid’s best memories will come from summer. That last day of school where you run out of class and feel the freedom of schedule-less days, that first cannon ball into the pool, the sunkissed skin and the sand on our toes……
Summer is awesome!
Whether you have sports camps coordinated or no plans on the calendar, today’s fun craft & printable is perfect for any kid excited about the end of the school year. To me, trail mix signifies spending time outdoors and letting mother nature do the entertaining (as opposed to the technology that we love, but sometimes need a lil’ break from). Add in some Nature ValleyTM Protein Granola, and you have yourself a perfect little end-of-year gift to hand out to friends.

Happy Trails to You! Trail Mix Printable and Containers. An easy DIY end of year gift or summer snack for kids.

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