Macaroni and Cheese Cups #KraftyCooking

Macaroni and Cheese Cups #KraftyCooking

There is a bit of excitement happening over on Google+ and it has to do with this fun Macaroni and Cheese post I’ve created. #KraftyCooking is an experiment taking place with my G+ friends and I (oh- and the folks from Kraft).

In total Smart School House fashion, I created a kid-friendly appetizer to share with you! I’ve recently posted some appetizer recipes for the playoffs and the Super Bowl (you can see them HERE and HERE). But, let’s not forget about the kids! Not all kids like hot wings and jalapeño poppers! Today, I’m sharing a Mac and Cheese inspired appetizer for kids:

How to Make Lil' Mac and Cheese Cups- and appetizer for kids! #KraftyCooking

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