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Not a day goes by where we don’t play with LEGO® here at Smart School House. Like so many of you, they are a staple in our home! LEGO® bricks are classic, they’re fun, and they often bring back memories of when we were kids. My children recently received a wonderful new LEGO® DUPLO set and we are in love (love I tell you!). In fact, we adore it so much that we’ have a $50 LEGO® gift card to give to one of you!

Today I thought it would be fun to share 8 Things Every LEGO® Lover Knows.

8 Things Every Lego Lover Knows and a LEGO Duplo giveaway!

#1 LEGO® can be educational

Besides being cool for kids, LEGO® bricks  can be educational too! When children play with LEGO® DUPLO, they are exploring mechanics, gears, and mathematics, colors, and even reading. See your child imagine, create and explore whole new worlds with oversize LEGO® bricks designed to fit perfectly in small hands.

#2 LEGO® is fun for all ages

Let’s be honest, parents. We love playing with LEGO® bricks too! We can sit with our children and either help them create something fun, or we can create something of our own with them. Kids love to model their parents, so they’re actually learning while you are building with them. Before you know it, they’ll be doing the same thing with their kids in the future!

#3 LEGO® inspires creativity and imagination

From role play to real life, LEGO® has a way of captivating a young child’s mind! They have an unlimited source of creative play for preschoolers (ages 1 ½-5) .

LEGO inspires creativity and imagination

#4 Everybody knows, LEGO® is the perfect gift!

Did I mention that I have $50 LEGO® giveaway today? Keep reading….
If you aren’t sure what to buy for a child during Christmas, for a birthday party, or for some other special occasion, LEGO® bricks are always a winner! Kids big and small  love to get new bricks.

#5 LEGO® is fun

When a kiddo is having a bad day, give them some LEGO® bricks and create a quiet space for them. This playtime will be fun for them and will allow them to change their mood and escape from whatever it was that was frustrating them. Better yet, sit down with your child and play with LEGO® bricks alongside them. That always makes a child feel better:)

#6 LEGO® is for girls and boys

This is a big deal in our house! My children are 12.5 months apart (one boy, one girl). So many toys in our house are gender specific and, while there is nothing wrong with that, there is a sense of togetherness when it comes to LEGO®. The play sets, especially this fantastic farm set we got, are perfect for both boys and girls. What’s even better, boys and girls love LEGO® equally, which makes them perfect for any household.

LEGOs are for girls and boys

#7 LEGO® bricks are versatile and timeless

Never get rid of a LEGO® set! Why? Because they’ll never go out of style! That satisfaction of hearing and feeling those bricks “click” together is something that will work for years and years. LEGO® from back in the day still work today. I love that kind of timelessness (how many other toys in life last that long?). The bricks from your first child will be loved just as much by your last child. You can mix and match sets, you can mix old with new, and you can watch your children play with them for years.

#8 LEGO has a variety of options

From farms, to cars, restaurants, and castles, you can find so many LEGO® DUPLO sets! There is something for every child out there. It’s hard to pick just one (as I’m sure most parents know!).


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