Be a Gumball in a Life Full of Suckers

Be a Gumball in a Life Full of Suckers

Be a Gumball in a Life Full of Suckers

Life is hard, life is challenging, and life can seem to work against us all the time. However, life is also easy in some ways, fun in some ways, and darn it, we are all really good at something.

Now that the new year has set in, our resolutions are either in full swing or fully out the door (guilty!). Just when I was excited that the stress of the holiday season was over, I find myself just as worried and stressed out about other things. Sometimes, I can’t even sleep! I wake up at the same time every night, worrying about one thing or another. I worry about work and then I start worrying that I’m not doing a good enough job with my kids. I worry that I’ll forget to do something in the morning. Then, I start to worry that if I don’t get enough sleep, my tiredness will cause me to miss something on my calendar. Before you know it, I’m worried about worrying. 

Is there something that keeps you up at night, that causes you to feel distant, or that brings you more stress than necessary? Oh good! Then, I’m not alone:)

My goal right now is to now allow myself to be a sucker to those feelings. I’m a sucker to sleep loss, I’m a sucker to piling on more work than necessary, and I’m a sucker to mom guilt.

I want to be a gumball in a life full of suckers.

What sucks the fun out of your life? What keeps you up at night?


Is it financial stress? In my opinion, anything about my work somehow relates to financial stress.

32% of adults say that their finances keep them from living a healthy lifestyle. For me, I lack the balance. Balance is a healthy, positive thing!


I’m sometimes a bit too motivated to push myself as far as I can go with work. Why? I don’t know. I’m motivated by the financial outcome.

80% if people admit that their personal finances keep them awake at night. I love knowing that I’m not alone, but I’m astonished at how common this problem is. This is not ok! We need our beauty rest people!

To help solve some of these problems and to gain the feeling of balance, I recommend taking the mental wealth quiz found here from SunTrust. In order to prevent ourselves from be suckers to common stresses, the OnUp movement encourages us to live a more balanced lifestyle with tools, tips, and real help! Talking about our stress triggers should not be taboo.

My goal is to achieve a more well rounded life, to feel happier, to feel bubblier, and not be a sucker to the current stress that I’m under.

What is your goal?

Visit SunTrust to learn more about the OnUp movement.

Be a Gumball in Life Full of Suckers

At SunTrust Bank their purpose is lighting the way to financial well-being. When you feel confident about your money, you can save for your goals and spend knowingly on what matters most to you.

The onUp movement was created to guide millions of people one step at a time towards a more financially confident life without ever losing sight of the moments that matter along the way.

Join the growing number of people transforming their stress into positive motivation to move onUp.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SunTrust. The opinions and text are all mine.