Link Party: Whimsy Wednesday, June 25th

Link Party: Whimsy Wednesday

Whimsy Wednesday is a link party and it is known for bringing together impressive bloggers that love to promote and share their stunning posts.You are all SO talented!
Whimsy Wed. #2

For those of you looking to grow your blog, please note that the three of us are very active in sharing what you link up on Google+. Unlike other social media outlets, Google+ promotes SEO and authorship ranking (that’s you). The more exposure you get on Google+, the better your blog is! We take pride in showing you off on
This is what I’ve been up to:
This magazine comes out Friday, but will you vote for me early? 
Gender Reveal Pouch
The Rules for Whimsy Wednesday
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#2 No parties or shops. But, everything else is accepted.
What is a Link Party?
We all love receiving nice comments on our hard work. The more you give, the more you’ll get. It’s just how the universe works!
What is a Link Party?