DIY Candy Corn Car..

Etsy’s Best ..

Want to find out more about these fabulous Halloween Tutu Costumes on Etsy? Click below for more information: {Punkie Witch Tutu}     {Thing 1 and Thing 2} {Golden Peacock} {Pink Sugar Tutu} {Twinkling Lights Tutu}     {Butterfly Tutu} {Candy Corn Cutie} {Sunflower Witch} {Pixie Candy Rainbow}     {Cowgirl Tutu} {Superhero Tutus} {Princess […]

Pottery Barn-ish

Who doesn’t love themselves some Pottery Barn? I recently went to Pottery Barn and fell in love with obsessed over these terra cotta pots with sunflowers. I’m pretty sure I walked back and forth past them about seventeen times before leaving the store. Here’s the important part of my story:  I left Pottery Barn without purchasing the […]

Mason Witches

Mason Witches I’m so excited to teach you about these Mason Witches with you today! They are SO easy and SO fun. Don’t you love a good mason jar craft? I sure do!

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I’m Planning..

Do you want to plan a Halloween Party like this one too?  Here’s where you can find these perfect Halloween party items. Click Below: {Banner} {Paper Lanterns} {Cake Pops} {Witch Hat Fondant Toppers} {Cupcake Wrappers} {Paper Straws} {Candy Cups} {Chalkboard Accents and Chalk Marker} {Chevron Goodie Bags} {Party Hats} {Cocktail Rim Sugar} {Trick-or-Treat Stirrers} {Cocktail […]

Baby Shadow Boxes

Easy DIY Shadow Box Ideas for Babies After seeing several Easy DIY Shadow Box Ideas for Babies Pinterest, I was inspired to make a couple for my little ones. Stella is now 2 and Mitch is now 1.          

Drink This, Make T..


Mini Mason Milk-Du..

Practicing ratios in math is just what you do as a kiddo in school. While it might not be one of the greatest part of a kids day, coming home to some fresh baked cookies is always a hit! Why not combine a little math while you serve up some sugary cookie delight? This is […]

Grapefruit & S..

A Poptail combines a cocktail recipe with a popsicle.  SO fun for hot days or entertaining! Be sure to also check out my easy recipe for guacamole:

DIY Hot Air Balloo..

DIY Hot Air Balloon Make this pretty Hot Air Balloon using a pretty pink paper lantern! Hang it in a child’s room or use it as decor for a party. Supplies: Directions:

The Best Girl Font..

The Best Girl Fonts to Download Here is a collection of The Best Girl Fonts to Download that are FREE! Click Below to Download The Best Girl Fonts: {Girl Characters}  {Always & Forever}    {Good Girl}   {Confusion Girl}    {Small Town Southern Girl}    {Girlie}  {Catholic School Girls}    {Glamour Girl}    {Skirt Girl}   {My Girl […]

The Etsy Face

Want this Etsy look?  Click on the products below to be taken to the individual Etsy shops: { FACE } Primer Correct & Conceal Foundation Bronzer Blush { EYES } Eyelid Crease Brow Highlight Liner Mascara { LIPS } Lip Balm  Lipstick Finish

How To Be A Tutor

What to Have:

Cool Whip Frozen Y..

A Quick Dessert Idea for Kids!  Cool Whip Frozen Yogurt is a quick dessert recipe for kids. Cool Whip and yogurt inside sprinkled graham cracker sandwiches!

Fancy Pants Popcor..

Fancy Pants Popcorn Popcorn made fancy! With sugared pearls, white chocolate, and pretzels!

My Pinterest Fail

Awhile back, I scrolled upon this cute “Chores” schedule on Pinterest. The fun and scrapbook-y design caught my attention. The idea is that you spend 30 minutes on daily chores and another 30 minutes on weekly chores and your house is always clean.  “Perfect!” I told myself. So I printed the schedule and hung it […]

DIY Coconut Sugar ..

DIY Coconut Sugar Scrub A decadent and beautiful sugar scrub made with coconut oil and white sugar. It will leave your skin smelling great but looking and feeling even better! Mix the beautifully simple ingredients Store at room temperature or refrigerate to replenish sun kissed skin

Mrs. Jones’ ..

Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox In my motherly attempt to rid the house of as many chemicals as possible, I turned to all natural household cleaners. You can find a handful of “green cleaning products” at any grocery store, but those brands and bottles left me uninterested in my quest to find greener cleaners. I searched online […]