How to Make Money Blogging

How to Make Money Blogging

Organize with a free Daily Blog Checklist Printable
Want to UP your blogging success? Want to start a blog this year? I’m giving away my personal daily blog planner! It’s easy to follow and, if you want to know whether or not it works, check my Media page to see what happened IN ONE YEAR for me. So nervous to let this baby go!!! She’s lucky:)
The only way you’re going to make money blogging is if you are organized daily:

How to Make Money Blogging (my tips!) Organize with a free Daily Blog Checklist Printable

To get started, let me explain the importance of organization. If you are serious about blogging, you will hit a point where you will be answering emails for hours. That part of the job is never ending. Do I complain about that? NOPE! A huge opportunity will almost always come your way in the form of a surprise email. Cherish those babies and respond to each one professionally. After conquering daily emails  you will then spend a ton of time creating your newest project. You will carefully snap at least 89 photos of that project or recipe. After that, you’ll edit those photos until you are completely happy with a few (that takes LOTS of time). Finally, you sit down and write your actual blog post. Add your life on social media to ALL of that, and you’re looking a the potential of a full-time job!

Any one blogger could spend their entire “work day” on social media alone. It is hard to pull yourself away sometimes! After all, social media is how we promote our business. The more followers we have, the more pageviews we get. The more pageviews we get, the more passive income we earn. If you want to know what I mean by passive income, check out this video where I briefly touch upon it and give you some MUST know tips.


Each day, I specifically focus my energy on areas of social media. As you can see in the printable, I allocate either time limits or tasks for each social media platform. For example, G+ is HUGE for me, so I am sure to share 2 posts from other people each day in addition to giving 4 “plusses” to posts I enjoy in the stream. Twitter, on the other hand, has never been a huge priority for me, so I simply allocate 10 minutes there each day. Does this mean you don’t have to enjoy Twitter? NO! Twitter could be your favorite place to be! If that’s the case, alter the time to fit your needs. I’m just letting you know what has proven to work for me:) Could you add other social media platforms into your day? I hope you do! For example, I LOVE Instagram, but I use it on a leisurely basis, meaning that I don’t force myself to post there. Rather, I post when I want to for fun but I use Stumble Upon to gain traffic. Plus, social media is always changing so we have to be flexible with it. Who knows, someday Twitter and I could be best friends!

Next, you need to focus on link parties. Link parties are a simple way to gain traffic! Pick out at least 3 of your very favorite link parties to link up to each day. Your favorites should be the ones that you see the most traffic from. Be sure to link up with me for Whimsy Wednesday each week (the parties go live on Tuesdays). I promise to send you traffic!

You can see that I included a little check-off list under “Today’s Blog Posts in Progress”. Do you notice that last box that says Clean Up!? Yeah, that’s an important part of what we do! Each project you create will make a mess of some sort (think glue guns, fabric, glitter, food, pots & pans, you name it!). Cleaning up is an extremely important part of creating a blog post. Factor that into your day and become more organized with how you approach the task in regards to your entire blog post.

Finally, keep track of your progress! Each day, write down the pageviews you got and the passive income you earned. YES- I said record it daily! Why else would you spend time scheduling 15 pins and 2 Facebook posts? You need to see your labor pay off. The growth from week to week will be small, but if you follow this printable, you will see growth and that’s what matters most!

By the end of the year, you’ll have 12 months worth of records to look back and reflect on. You’ll see what really worked for you and what didn’t. That type of information will only help you organize your time better for the future. Focus your energy and see your efforts pay off! Do you have to complete the entire checklist printable every single day? No way jose! Use it as your guide and your goal marker. That’s all:)

To print off my check list, simply drag the image below onto your desktop. Double click the image on your desktop to open it up, click FILE and then PRINT.
Cheers to making money blogging!

How to Make Money Blogging (my tips!) Organize with a free Daily Blog Checklist Printable

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  1. Kelly, this is so smart. I think it is a great way to keep track of what you do. I have got to figure out how to get myself organized and be more *word of the year* intentional about my blogging. I can work on my blog for hours and get nothing done! I am certainly going to incorporate some of your ideas into designing my daily blog planner. Quick question, you do not include time to read other blogs on your check list, do you set aside time for that, or does it just happen through the time you spend on social media and going through the links on your link party?
    Laura @ The Experimental Home recently posted…The Monday Mess Movement: Keep it simple, SweetieMy Profile

  2. Kelly, thank you for sharing this with us. Wow, you have certainly opened up my eyes! I am far from being in that category but of course, would love to make even a small income from my blog. Right now, I make…. zero. But that’s because I have no advertisers of any kind. So my question to you is when you are talking about passive income, are you referring to advertisers only? Is that where your main source of income is coming from? Please forgive me if you get this question all the time… it just seems like for hobby bloggers like me, making money from the blog seems to foreign, like a big puzzle that I just can’t figure out!


  3. I just discovered your blog and hope to find more easy to follow blogging tips. A lot of the information I have found can be rather daunting and wordy, and I have to spend a lengthy amount of time just to learn something small. This is so easy!

    I never thought about sharing other’s blog posts on G+! I’m also not sure about what you mean about givings +++s to posts in your feed. I need to explore some more, I suppose.
    Amanda recently posted…Welcome to Indiana, Folks!My Profile

  4. Well written post, thank you much! I know you are uber busy, but I’m new to this blog world and this is the first “blog help” post I have really clicked with 🙂 Quick question if you don’t mind. Facebook – do you link people to your personal Facebook or did you create a separate page for your blog?

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