Summertime Fun



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Summertime Fun

We made it! It’s summertime and I’m bursting with excitement! The weather is warm, the sun is shining, and we are outside soaking up every bit of summer that we can. What we love most about this time of year are the extra long days. We can play outside until 8:00 at night simply because the sun hasn’t “gone to sleep yet” as we say. These are the times to really create memories with your kids. We are Capri Sun Moms. I grew up going to the beach almost every single day in the summer. My mom would pack a huge ice chest filled with sandwiches and icy cold juice drinks. She would freeze the Capri Sun pouches so that they stayed refreshingly cold all day (that lady was so smart I tell you!). When you’re a kid, there’s nothing better than your mom’s love. Continuing the traditions she started is important to me now that I’m a mom. This is our Capri Sun summer! Just like when I was a kid… What summertime tradition do you remember? Summertime fun with #CapriSunMoms Do you remember summer days like these when you were a kid? Counting the clouds, listening the the breeze, and soaking up pure relaxation. Capri Sun is good for moms and awesome for kids! I know how to keep their bodies healthy and their hearts happy. What I love is that Capri Sun juice drinks have no artificial flavors or preservatives. Plus, have you seen their new clear bottom pouches? Thanks to the clear bottom pouches, you can see that this juice drink has no artificial colors (again, so smart!). They listened to us and made these iconic pouches even better so that we can continue making summertime memories with our kids. Summertime fun with #CapriSunMoms

Today I brought out the water balloons! The giggles of Stella and Mitch were heard down the road. They played so hard and had so much fun! My kids always want to be part of the action!  Just like my mom, I care about what is in the food I give to my kids. That’s why I love that Capri Sun Super V Fruit and Vegetable Juice Drinks have 1 combined full serving of fruit and veggies in each pouch.* Wholesome can be yummy too! Summertime fun with #CapriSunMoms

Since 2008, more than 200 million Capri Sun pouches have been collected through Capri Sun’s partnership with TerraCycle and recycled and upcycled into durable goods. In 2012, Capri Sun invested in creating a new box for Capri Sun pouches, remaking the iconic box with paperboard instead of cardboard – a change that resulted in a 30 million pound reduction in packaging in 2012. Capri Sun is always looking for ways to improve their packaging while providing consumers with the great-tasting juice drink they’ve come to expect from Capri Sun. Summertime fun with #CapriSunMoms What summertime tradition do you remember? 

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  1. Capri Suns were always a staple in my kid’s lunch. For me, my summers growing up were spent on the shores of Lake Michigan!

  2. My favorite summer traditions growing up included the beach. Now that I have my own family we go to the pool (darn beach is an hour away!), see movies and spend a lot of time at baseball games. 😉 We LOVE Capri Suns!

  3. Capri Sun brings back such fond summer memories for me! Mom would pack up a lunch for the pool and having Capri Sun was an extra special treat! So similar to you! Love that they use no artificial coloring and have repackaged to make it better for the environment!