Toddlers and Technology



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Toddlers and Technology

If you are a mom of a toddler, then you know that they are pretty much born understanding technology these days! Well, that statement might be slightly dramatic, but you know what I mean parents! From our cell phones to our desktop computers, toddlers are curious and want to learn. After all, the desire to play, discover, and explore are the natural instincts of our babies (or am I the only one that still calls my toddler a baby?:). They are born into a world where technology is advancing daily, therefore, hiding them from technology is impossible. In fact, technology will be present in their schools by the time they start Kindergarten. As a teacher and a mom, I’m excited to see schools advancing! But, before I get ahead of myself and talk Kindergarten…let me focus on toddlers today!

Toddlers can use technology to play and toddlers can play with technology to learn.
As their parent, which do you prefer?
I say that there is room for both!

If you think about it, the desire to play, discover, and explore doesn’t ever really go away. As adults, we rely on technology and we get excited about new products, don’t we? In order to function, you need to be able to understand and use technology. From emails, to checking bank accounts and applying for employment, technology has transformed our lives for the better.

Guarding our children from technology will not help them in today’s world. Instead, we need to embrace technology with our toddlers and use it to foster and environment of learning.

I recently got to review Samsung’s new Chromebook from the kind people at Staples. Integrating it into our toddler lovin’ home was fun!

Here are my simple DO’s and DON’TS for toddlers and technology:

Toddlers and Technology - The Simple DO's and DON'Ts

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