Ideas for Kids

Amazing Ideas for Kids to Try Whether you’re on summer vacation or winter break we’re always looking for fun things to do with our kids! Maybe you’re a teacher or an after school provider looking for unique and creative DIY ideas for students. Maybe you’re a baby sitter or a nanny looking for something neat to try […]

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Arts and Crafts with Kids

Arts and Crafts with Kids I sometimes hear moms talk about how they don’t enjoy doing arts & crafts at home with their kids. Or, sometimes I hear comments about how they don’t feel creative enough to think of various arts & crafts activities to do. Today I thought it would be fun to share […]

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Shaving Cream Cupcakes

Shaving Cream Cupcakes This is SO FUN! I showed a sneak peek on Instagram (you can follow along with me here) of these incredibly cute cupcakes. Everybody knows that shaving cream is super fun for little kids to play with. The tactile engagement is both educational and developmentally appropriate for preschool aged kiddos. But, we […]

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