Play Dough Hacks

Making homemade play dough is one of THEEEE best ways to keep your kids happy and entertained at home! Buying play dough can be pricey (plus, it only lasts so long). Today I’ve gathered 6 of my very favorite play dough creations to share with you. Some of these play dough hacks are even edible…… […]

Pumpkin Play Dough

Edible Pumpkin Play Dough  It’s no secret that we love a good homemade play dough around here! Play dough keeps my kids busy for hours on end. With Halloween upon us, I thought it would be fun to make something to celebrate the season! Introducing: Pumpkin Play Dough! And in true Smart School House style, […]

Funfetti Play Dough

Funfetti Play Dough It was simply a matter of time! Have you seen my ice cream play dough recipe? It’s kind of amazing (if I do say so myself). Well, the ice cream play dough is made with just 2 ingredients so, naturally, I was bound to try the recipe with Funfetti frosting. Turns out, […]

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Hawaiian Punch Play Dough

Hawaiian Punch Play Dough I don’t even know where to begin. This stuff is awesome! Do you remember drinking Hawaiian Punch as a kid? Well, now they sell Hawaiian Punch juice mix in individual powder packets. When I spotted the packets at the store, I immediately had an idea: Hawaiian Punch play dough!┬áThere is always […]

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Ice Cream Play Dough Recipe

Ice Cream Play Dough Recipe Well, well, well! Do I have something extremely fun to teach your kids today! Do your kids like ice cream? Do your kids like play dough? Let’s combine those two wonderful things into a kid friendly craft that is sure to provide lots of smiles and giggles! Introducing: Ice Cream […]

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