Snack Caddy for Kids

Snack Caddy for Kids Make a snack caddy for kids on the go! Today we are sharing a smart after school snack ideas for busy kids and families. Use a shower caddy and fill it with great snacks, like a GoGo squeeZ® applesauce, to keep your busy kids fed on the go. Oftentimes, the hours […]

Sparkle Play Dough

Sparkle Play Dough Written and Photographed by Jenny of The NY Melrose Family We absolutely love anything that is over the top girly so adding in a little sparkle or flair is common practice at The NY Melrose Family. My baby turned one in mid-May and I kept her party relatively low key {or at […]

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How to Make Reindeer Food

How to Make Reindeer Food I met Santa once (true story!). He told me a secret that I’ve remembered for years now. He said that his reindeer, Rudolph in particular, love food! You see, Santa gets to munch on cookies under every Christmas tree he visits. However, his reindeer aren’t always so lucky. Did you […]

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe for Kids

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe for Kids The other day my kids and I stumbled upon the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe for kids! This particular recipe does not include eggs, so letting the kids do a “taste test” of the cookie dough was perfectly acceptable! Do you know what the secret ingredient is? It’s sweet, […]

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