Snack Caddy for Kids

Snack Caddy for Kids Make a snack caddy for kids on the go! Today we are sharing a smart after school snack ideas for busy kids and families. Use a shower caddy and fill it with great snacks, like a GoGo squeeZ® applesauce, to keep your busy kids fed on the go. Oftentimes, the hours […]

Homemade Jello Snack Cups

Homemade Jello Snack Cups A former room mom came up with the smartest idea that I just had to share with you! Just like her boys, my kids LOVE Jello snack cups. However, they come in small packs of 4 and cost about 2 dollars (or around 50 cents per cup). It doesn’t seem like much until […]

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Homemade Chocolate Milk Straws

Chocolate Milk Straws Am I the only one who remembers very specific snacks I ate after school as a kid? Maybe I was extremely hungry, really in need of some calm time, or ready to fuel up and quickly finish homework so that I could go outside and play. Chocolate milk was one of my all-time-favorite after […]

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Smoothies for Kids

Smoothies for Kids With the warmer weather upon us and the summertime camps and activities being scheduled, it is time to start saving healthy snack ideas that our kids will love on the go. Or maybe you won’t be on the go but your town will be filled with sunny weather festivities that call for […]