Shaved Coconut Sugar Scrub

Shaved Coconut Sugar Scrub Do you love the smell of vanilla and coconut combined? Something about those two smells makes me think of a tropical paradise, a day on the beach, my toes in the sand, and a mai tai in my hand. Alright, that’s a little dramatic considering that we’re right smack dab in the […]

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Gifts in Jars

Gifts in Jars Do you love gifts in jars as much as I do? Today I’ve selected 17 of my very favorite ideas. From cleaning products, to candles and dry soup recipes, there are so many things you can do! Plus, I love that you can usually make more than one gift at a time, […]

Froot Loops Lip Polish

Froot Loops Lip Polish GAHHH! I’m seriously so excited to share this lip polish recipe with you! It’s brand new and unlike any other sugar scrub I’ve made in the past. If you happen to know me, don’t be surprised if you receive this Foot Loops Lip Polish as a gift sometime soon (because it has […]

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Baby Rose Sugar Scrub

Baby Rose Sugar Scrub Have you ever received roses that were stunningly gorgeous, only to be sad when they age? Well, I found the perfect solution to making our favorite rose bouquet last a little longer! Introducing: Baby Rose Sugar Scrub (my 5th sugar baby creation!). With just a few simple and inexpensive ingredients, a […]

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