Splash Park Hacks

Splash Park Hacks Splash parks are perfect to visit on hot days because they offer a variety of water play activities. What if you don’t have a splash park nearby? Create one of your own! These fabulous Splash Park Hacks are perfect for parties, sleepovers, or just days outside under the warmth of the sun. From how to […]

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This Little Light of Mine Sunglasses Printable

This Little Light of Mine Sunglasses Printable Summer is just around the corner which means that the school year is wrapping up and we need to celebrate! Well, I look for any reason to celebrate with quick and easy DIY gifts:) Today’s project cost a whopping $1.oo (not even joking) and it is beyond perfect […]

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Healthy Tips for Families

The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and we are finding ourselves outside for longer periods of time each day. Do you consider your family to be healthy? So do we! Do you aim to make your family a little healthier? So do we! There is always room for improvement and no family or […]

Kool Aid Meringues

Kool Aid Meringues Kool-Aid makes everything more fun! Did you happen to see my Kool-Aid Candy Dots? Click HERE if you missed it (you simply have to see it!). Well, since my kids enjoyed those so much, my mind got to thinking about how I could make more Kool-Aid inspired treats. I teased about these […]

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