How to Make a Heart Cake

How to Make a Heart Cake Welcome to Smart School House! Today we are showing you how to make the easiest cutest & quickest heart cake Valentine’s Day cake or birthday cake EVER! I got all of the supplies from the dollar store and spent a total of $6.00. Let’s get started!

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Strawberry Cream Cheese Wontons

Strawberry Cream Cheese Wontons Hello there! Today we made something so delicious, so cute, and so easy! Strawberry Cream Cheese Wontons are sweet and fluffy. They are cream cheese filled treats mixed with buttery soft wonton flavor then drizzled in white chocolate. Best of all, they are baked – not fried! If you’re up for an […]

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The Best Valentine’s Day Desserts

The Best Valentine’s Day Desserts The Best Valentine’s Day Desserts Prove you’re truly in love by making the most impressive Valentine’s Day desserts of all time! Today we have gathered THE BEST Valentine’s Day desserts. From chocolate to strawberries, there is something here for every Valentine in your life. Click the back and forward buttons below […]

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Conversation Heart Whipped Cream

Conversation Heart Whipped Cream I LOVE Valentine’s Day crafts and recipes! They are always so cute and so fun! Today I’m sharing a simple Whipped Cream recipe that is sure to make any child happy. Conversation Heart Whipped Cream is a fluffy and soft an extremely fluffy and very soft homemade dessert topper that includes […]

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