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Magic candy carrot garden! How to grow chocolate carrots for spring using candy "seeds"- Kids LOVE THIS!
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Candy Carrot Garden

How to grow a Magic Candy Carrot Garden for spring! Using special candy "seeds" and a little imagination. Kids LOVE THIS!



  • Have your kids pick out just the orange Reese’s Pieces. These are the chocolate carrot “seeds”
  • Place them around the garden.
  • Gently press the “seeds” down about 1/2 inch or so (not too far down)
  • When the kids aren’t looking, replace the seeds with chocolate carrots (discard the seeds)
  • Push the carrots down so all you see are their green tops
  • If you have time, slowly pull the carrots up so that each time the kids look, they can see that the garden is starting to grow!
  • Once the chocolate carrots are all done growing, pick them!