A Year of Holiday Crafts & Snacks – 13 Family-Friendly Activities for All Seasons

Every year comes with a variety of occasions and holidays. In this guide, you and your family will have plenty to keep them occupied any time of year. From yummy treats to creative crafts, we’ll cover every major holiday from January to December!

Holidays are a time to celebrate.
It’s also time you can spend with your family!


A Year of Holiday Crafts and Snacks ThumbnailThese holiday crafts and snacks:

  • Are easy to follow recipes
  • Have affordable ingredients
  • Include plenty of hands-on elements for all ages
  • Can be hands-off for older kids
  • Come with clear examples of the final product
  • Will be a fun way to pass time each holiday

Don’t sweat holiday time off. We’ve got you covered for any time of year!

With the 13 different activities contained in this free guide, you’ll have plenty to do over the holidays. Each component is quick and cheap to get together, so you can stock your pantry and craft bin with all the necessities you need to jump into anything, any time of year!

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