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If you are interested in working with me at Smart School House, then you’ve come to the right place (hooray!).

For media inquiries, contact me at: SmartSchoolHouse @ gmail (dot) com

To say that I love being a blogger is an understatement! After all, as I’m sitting here working, I’m munching on some pink & white sprinkled animal cookies.

The diet kind of course. <—that part is a lie.

I take pride in every accomplishment and find joy in working with brands and the media. I adore creating new recipes, fun crafts, reviewing products, and traveling for my blog.

I have over 2.5 million followers. Here is part of my current social media influence:

Facebook followers: 1,600,000

Pinterest followers: 220,000

Instagram followers: 18,000

I’m regularly working with brands on sponsored content. If you’d like more information about pricing and customized content, I’d love to hear from you!

SmartSchoolHouse @ gmail (dot) com