Marshmallow Ghosts

Marshmallow Ghosts  Marshmallow Ghosts are so perfectly delicious for Halloween, it’s scary! Kids of all ages can help prepare these easy-to-make Halloween treats. With just three simple ingredients, they can be made at a moment’s notice. These perfect little marshmallow ghosts would be perfect for a class party or just a little after school treat. They […]

Flamingo Vultures

How to Make Flamingo Vultures Get excited for Halloween making flamingo vultures for your lawn! What do you think of this creepy DIY Halloween decor idea? Turn pink lawn flamingos into vultures using some spray paint and a white boa around the neck. The buzzards are an unexpected surprise to any of your outdoor decorations for […]

Tomato Cage Witch Hat

Tomato Cage Witch Hat This HUGE tomato cage witch hat for Halloween is sure to be a show stopper! Halloween is one of the BEST holidays to decorate for! Whether you like spooky things or super sweet Halloween touches, everybody gets excited for the big night in October. These witch hats look great grouped together […]

Candy Corn Jello Cups

Candy Corn Jello Cups for Halloween These super simple Candy Corn Jello cups will make for an easy and fun fall & Halloween treat for everyone! Halloween is so fun to prepare for! In our house, we like to get as much as we can out of everything. We love the colors, the scents, and […]

Halloween Punch for Kids

Halloween Punch for Kids Halloween is almost here and the kids everywhere are buzzing with excitement! Houses are decorated, costumes are planned, and Halloween parties are ready to kick off! Are you looking for a Halloween punch recipe for kids? Here is our 3 ingredient Halloween worm punch! Bubbly, sweet, fun, and simple to make in a […]

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Halloween Pretzel Broom Sticks

Halloween Pretzel Broom Sticks Looking for a healthy Halloween treat idea? I have one for you today! Pretzel broom sticks are made to look just like a witch’s broom and can be given out in place of sweets. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the candy and treats that come around this time of year, […]

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30 Second Vampire Cookies

30 Second Vampire Cookies How to make Vampire Cookies in 30 seconds for Halloween! Use a gingerbread man cookie cutter… SO SMART. If you are short on time, patience, or lack professional baking skills (like me), this is the perfect Halloween cookie recipe for you!

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Glowing Pumpkin Pails

Glowing Pumpkin Pails Glowing Pumpkin Pails – Decorate for Halloween in 30 seconds by setting out these glowing pumpkin pails! I got the colorful pumpkins for one dollar! You’re going to love this quick and easy DIY Halloween decorating idea….

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Tea Light Pumpkins

Tea Light Pumpkins Tea Light Pumpkins are little orange flameless tea lights that stand up and smile! Turn on the candle and the flame becomes the glowing pumpkin nose. They are ADORABLE and so fun to make! These little pumpkins are easy enough for kids to make, yet, pretty enough to pass out as Halloween gifts. You’re […]

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Tea Light Witches

Tea Light Witches Tea Light Witches are little witches made with green flameless tea lights and some simple craft supplies. They are very easy to make and look SO CUTE! Turn on the light and the flame becomes the witch’s glowing nose for nighttime Halloween decor. You’re going to love this…. (psst: They make cute […]

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One-Eyed Monster Cookies

One-Eyed Monster Cookies BOO! How cute and colorful are these one-eyed monster cookies? My son spotted these gummy candies at the grocery store today and we just had to do something fun with them. They are sour, just like sour gummy worms. Paired with soft cookies and fluffy frosting and ANY kid would be smiling! […]

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Halloween Crunch

 Halloween Crunch Happy Halloween everyone! Today we have put together a sweet, crunchy, and irresistible Halloween Crunch recipe that you can share with all of your friends (or even classmates!). We used a little bit of glittery black scrapbook paper, these cone shaped treat bags, and these candy eyeballs. To see our easy recipe for the […]

Glow in the Dark Window Clings

Glow in the Dark Window Clings We love decorating for Halloween! Have you ever put window clings on your windows for various events and holidays? Today I’m going to teach you how to make handmade window clings for Halloween using some free printables. Plus, They glow in the dark! Perfect for this time of year!

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Spooky Eyeball Fruit Cups

Spooky Eyeball Fruit Cups We just love making treats for Halloween! Today’s easy craft is not only spooky, it’s also yummy and delicious! Kids love fruit cups so we turned them into spooky eyeball fruit cups with a printable that I made for just for you.

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Monster Marshmallow Cupcakes

Affiliate Links Included Monster Marshmallow Cupcakes My kids and I LOVE flipping through dessert cookbooks and baking together. It’s something we’ve been doing since they were old enough to stand in the kitchen with me! We recently got a brand new cookbook that is filled with extremely kid-friendly treats and we went to town creating […]

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Ghost Meringues

Ghost Meringues If you follow me on Instagram, which I love you so much for, then you saw me tease about making these friendly Ghost Meringues. I’m so excited to share them with you! They are so easy to make (honest!). You only need a few supplies, some of which you most likely already have […]

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Candy Corn Dots

Candy Corn Dots Candy corn here, candy corn there, candy corn, candy corn everywhere! Have you noticed that candy corn is kind of a big deal around this time of year? Me too! But, I love it so much! There are so many creative and unique candy corn crafts and recipes out there on Pinterest […]

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Pumpkin Play Dough

Edible Pumpkin Play Dough  It’s no secret that we love a good homemade play dough around here! Play dough keeps my kids busy for hours on end. With Halloween upon us, I thought it would be fun to make something to celebrate the season! Introducing: Pumpkin Play Dough! And in true Smart School House style, […]