Cozy Valentine’s Day

Cozy Valentine’s Day We’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately and this year we are looking forward to a cozy Valentine’s Day. We’re not going out, we’re not buying big gifts, we’re going to enjoy our home and maybe watch a movie with hot chocolate. Even though we live in Orange County California, the […]

How to Make a Heart Cake

How to Make a Heart Cake Today I’m showing you how to make the easiest, cutest, and quickest heart cake EVER! Great for Valentine’s Day or a birthday. I got all of the supplies from the dollar store and spent a total of $6.00!! Last updated: January 14, 2018 This post was originally published on January 28, 2017   From […]

I’m Old School Valentine

I’m Old School Valentine This unique old school Valentine is sure to get a few smiles:) Raise your hand if you remember seeing these strawberry candies every time you were at your grandma’s house back in the day? Me too! Whenever I see these candies, those childhood memories always come back. I love it! Today […]

Candy Heart Valentine Bouquet

Candy Heart Valentine Bouquet Happy Valentine’s Day! If you follow us on Facebook (which we sure hope you already do – find me here!), then you’ve seen our newest Valentine’s Day project: the Candy Heart Valentine Bouquet! With a quick little trick you can create rose bouquet surrounded by conversation hearts. The roses are actually […]

How to Make Valentine Fortune Cookies

  Valentine Fortune Cookies Valentine’s Day will be here in the blink of an eye and we are ready! Today I’m sharing an easy non-candy Valentine idea that is sure to get noticed. Learning how to make Valentine fortune cookies is easy as long as you know the folding technique. Plus, I created the little Valentine […]

Heart Shaped Tortilla Chips

Heart Shaped Tortilla Chips Oh my goodness you are going to LOVE this Valentine’s Day idea! Heart shaped tortilla chips mixes food, crafts, and fun (perfect for kids!). If you are looking for an easy Valentine’s Day idea, these colorful chips are sure to put a smile on everyone around! Last updated: December 27, 2017 This […]

Easy Sugar Cookie Recipe

Easy Sugar Cookie Recipe I’m so excited to share this Easy Sugar Cookie Recipe for Valentines Day with you! They are so adorable and fun for kids. The sprinkles are magically attached to the sugar cookie using one special trick (you will love it!). Last updated: December 24, 2017 This post was originally published on […]

Twinkie Heart Cakes

Twinkie Heart Cakes Happy almost Valentine’s Day! If you follow us on Facebook (here) then you probably saw us tease about these adorable DIY Twinkie Heart Cakes! They are so fun to make and even more fun to eat. Best of all, they are so cute and perfect for Valentine’s Day! Last updated: November 25, 2017 This post […]

Valentine’s Day Pizza Braid

Valentine’s Day Pizza Braid Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and we are TOTALLY ready! We have our class Valentine’s made, our classroom party supplies ready, and our front door is adorned with a little love (as you might have seen here on Instagram). It was only natural for us to make a […]

You Are Dynamite Pringles Can

You Are Dynamite Pringles Can Hello and welcome to Smart School House! We are so happy that you are here and we hope that you mosey around all of our DIY crafts and become inspired to get your craft on! Today we are sharing an ADORABLE gift idea that can be used for Valentine’s Day […]

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Heart Pretzels

Heart Pretzels Ohhhh we just love Valentine’s Day around here at Smart School House! Pretty much anything that involves hearts definitely steals our heart:) Today we are showing how you can turn regular pretzels into adorable Valentine’s Day hearts. Even better, we topped them with a candy hearts just for the fun of it! This simple tutorial […]

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Candy Pretzel Flowers

Candy Pretzel Flowers Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give out candy and cute gifts. The cuter the better! Some people love to give flowers on Valentine’s Day. It’s also a fun time to get creative and makes gifts from the heart. Today we are sharing an adorable DIY Valentine’s Day treat […]

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Breath Savers Valentine

Breath Savers Valentine …….Valentine, you are a breath of fresh air……. Raise your hand if you love Breath Savers! Oh good- then this DIY Valentine idea is just for you (plus I have a free printable for you and all of your friends):

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Blushing Marshmallow Valentine

Blushing Marshmallow Valentine Try to look at this Valentine without smiling. Just try! I bet you can’t. Who wouldn’t love a Blushing Marshmallow Valentine? It’s simply the cutest little DIY Valentine idea …. ever! If you and your kids are looking for unique, inexpensive, and fun DIY Valentine’s Day idea for the class, you’ve found it […]

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Conversation Heart Ice Cream

Conversation Heart Ice Cream Happy ‘almost’ Valentine’s Day! I have to admit, Valentine’s Day is one of my very favorite days to prep for. The pink, the hearts, the cute treats that we give out just for fun…. we just can’t wait! In celebration of Valentine’s Day this year, we made an extra special homemade ice […]

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Heart Quesadillas

Heart Quesadillas We absolutely love Valentine’s Day here at Smart School House. We love hearts, anything pink, and especially the adorable treats that everyone shares for Valentine’s Day. Today we made a snack and it is cuter than cute! Everybody loves a good quesadilla (especially on chilly or rainy days like today). But heart quesadillas … […]

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Baked Cream Cheese Wontons

Baked Cream Cheese Wontons In an attempt to make something a little bit easier and a little bit healthier, we made an appetizer today that lasted all of 10 minutes (they are THAT good!). If you love cream cheese wontons and you’ve never made your own, this is the only recipe you’ll ever need!

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Hershey’s Kisses Centerpiece

Hershey’s Kisses Centerpiece Decorating for the holidays is something we love to do! Today I started decorating with my kids, which means the details needed to be easy to work with and fun. What we came up with is a beautiful Hershey’s Kisses Centerpiece! This centerpiece is not only gorgeous and inviting, it captures attention and […]