My Pinterest Fail

Awhile back, I scrolled upon this cute “Chores” schedule on Pinterest. The fun and scrapbook-y design caught my attention. The idea is that you spend 30 minutes on daily chores and another 30 minutes on weekly chores and your house is always clean.  “Perfect!” I told myself. So I printed the schedule and hung it in my kitchen.

The next morning, I toasted my morning coffee to the cute schedule. “Here’s to a spick-and-span home!” And off I went. I take pride in my ability to work quickly and follow a to-do list.

4 days into it, I threw in the towel. Literally.

Tuesday alone took me WAY longer than one miserable hour (and I don’t even have magazine baskets!). I gave it my all- sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning the baseboards, the shutters, and the windows. I was sweating and tired exhausted. Obviously, this “Chores” schedule was designed for a team of maids, not me.

Something I neglected to factor in is that I have kids. Kids that come in the form of toddlers and create havoc around every movement they make. Trying to keep up with them while staying focused on this chores list was a terrible idea! I don’t care if my baseboards aren’t clean. Chances are, they’ll have applesauce smeared on them within 24 hours of them being cleaned anyways! That’s just how we roll in our house…

So, I revamped the chores schedule to better fit my needs and abilities. This has worked much better for me:

I looked further into the source of this cleaning schedule, after the fact, of course. That’s one of my weaknesses when it comes to Pinterest. Cute things catch my eye and all common sense goes out the window. It turns out, after doing your daily chores, you are supposed to STOP after 15 MINUTES of additional weekly chores. The idea is that you are able to deep clean different rooms in your house over the span of a couple of months. In fact, look at what it says in the article How ToKeep A Clean House & Free Yourself From The Chains Of Drudgery

Oops. I did it bass ackwards.

Even the creator of the cute chores schedule said, “Because I’m a visual person, and everything is more fun with a pretty list, I created this list I can print out every month and cross things off as I go.”

Lesson learned! But, I’m still going to stick to my personal schedule (it’s much more user-friendly). 

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9 thoughts on “My Pinterest Fail

  1. HA! OMG, I just really read the top chore list and in my house 30 mins is so unrealistic. The daily chores alone take me about 2 hours because I suffer from a short attention span and get bored and/or distracted easily. I do however love your new and improved schedule and am all over that one.

  2. I like your schedule better. I can’t imagine trying to get all that cleaning done in one day. And I’m totally the kind of person that fully commits and has to finish at least one task – kitchen floor, can’t stop just after sweeping if I said I would scrub it. And wine always helps. 🙂

  3. Great idea! Your schedule is better. I hope you will share on The CSI Project this week. The challenge is Pinterest Inspired. Link up anything that Pinterest inspired you to do. You can link up Wednesday but we have tutorials all week. Each week we have a new craft challenge so come on over!

  4. I love your blog. The list is so cute and great. I will try to find it and do one of my own. I get so busy blogging and doing my at home job, cleaning gets way laid. Stopping by from Bloggy Girls Group.

  5. I am rolling over here…this is so funny. I have 2 wild boys and as soon as I clean something they are right behind me messing it up all over again. The laundry gets washed but rarely see the inside of a drawer.

  6. I LOVE, love, love your version of chores! Pinning it on the wall will make it “official” and give me permission for my coffee hour and internet time. . .


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