Santa Boot Bows

Santa Boot Bows If you’re wrapping gifts for kids this year, you must add some decorative Santa boot bows to them! With festive red satin ribbon, you can add this exciting touch to any regular gift wrapping you do.    Do you remember how exciting Christmas time was as a child? Remember the sounds, the smells, […]

How to Make a Candy Sleigh

How to Make a Candy Sleigh Santa is almost done up at the North Pole and, here at Smart School House, we can’t wait! We’ve been sharing so many holiday ideas and recipes in excitement. Some are our favorite projects from the past and some are new, like these ADORABLE mini Santa candy sleighs! Use them for […]

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homemade christmas gift ideas

homemade christmas gift ideas Homemade Christmas gifts are often the most thoughtful gifts you can receive. I’ve gathered 6 beautiful gift ideas to share with you. What makes these even more unique is that these are all handmade Xmas gifts that you can sew (for all of my seamstress friends!). Each of these ideas were […]

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