Trash Bag Apron

Trash Bag Apron You know those days when kids art projects are really messy, paint & craft supplies are getting all over the place, and you’re trying to keep yourself clean? Yeah, today was one of those days for us. That’s why I’ve decided to share this smart little trash bag hack with you: a DIY […]

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Cleaning and Couponing

Cleaning and Couponing Spring cleaning is here! The sun is shining a bit brighter these days, which makes surfaces show dirt, dust, and clutter more than ever before. While I’m not the biggest fan of cleaning, I do love to organize and declutter. It’s so important for both our sanity and the functioning of life, […]

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Cleaning Hacks

Did you know how easy it is to make some of the most common household cleaners? I didn’t know until a few years ago! With a few simple and affordable ingredients, several cleaning hacks can be discovered. Today I’m sharing 8 Cleaning Hacks that will change the way you feel about buying cleaning products. From […]