Trash Bag Apron

Trash Bag Apron

You know those days when kids art projects are really messy, paint & craft supplies are getting all over the place, and you’re trying to keep yourself clean? Yeah, today was one of those days for us. That’s why I’ve decided to share this smart little trash bag hack with you: a DIY trash bag apron! Wrap it around your waist, tie it in the back, and keep your clothes clean! Do all of that while picking up scraps, messy paper towels, paint, and even glitter. The trash bag still functions as a nifty place to quickly toss things in the middle of a mess. A teacher’s dream come true on art days and a mom’s quick and handy trick for cleaning up on the go with creative little ones! You’re going to love how I make this…

DIY trash bag apron. 1 minute trash bag hack! Keep your clothes clean plus toss scraps and messes into the bag. Great for kids art projects. SO SMART!

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