Easy Sugar Cookie Recipe

Easy Sugar Cookie Recipe I’m so excited to share this Easy Sugar Cookie Recipe for Valentines Day with you! They are so adorable and fun for kids. The sprinkles are magically attached to the sugar cookie using one special trick (you will love it!). Last updated: December 24, 2017 This post was originally published on […]

Circus Animal Stuffed Cookies

Circus Animal Stuffed Cookies This is definitely one of those easy DIY recipes that you will want to save for a rainy day (or any day when you feel like baking but don’t want to go overboard). Everybody knows that I’m a HUGE fan of those pink and white sprinkled Circus Animal Cookies. There’s just […]

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Starburst Sugar Cookies

Starburst Sugar Cookies Like some of the most popular things we’ve made here at Smart School House, these Starburst Sugar Cookies were created out of free time and ingredients on hand (that’s how these Kool Aid Candy Dots,¬†Dish Soap Silly Putty, and Ice Cream Play Dough¬†were created). As you might have seen me share here […]

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