The Best Valentine’s Day Recipes Ever

Ahhhh Valentine’s Day. Do we stay home or do we go out? How about both? Check out these ideas for making the BEST Valentine’s Day recipes ever! If you already have a special date night planned, consider picking a different day to make a special dinner for the family. Kids love to feel like Valentine’s Day […]

The Best Valentine’s Day Desserts

Prove you’re truly in love by making the most impressive Valentine’s Day desserts of all time! Today we have gathered THE BEST Valentine’s Day desserts. From chocolate to strawberries, there is something here for every Valentine in your life. Click the back and forward buttons below to see each idea. Click the individual pictures for the […]

Heart Pretzels

Heart Pretzels Ohhhh we just love Valentine’s Day around here at Smart School House! Pretty much anything that involves hearts definitely steals our heart:) Today we are showing how you can turn regular pretzels into adorable Valentine’s Day hearts. Even better, we topped them with a candy hearts just for the fun of it! This simple tutorial […]

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