Vanilla Polar Bear Milkshake

Vanilla Polar Bear Milkshake

We recently bought some honey in one of those cute honey bear bottles and we made these yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies with Honey. Stella and Mitch loved the honey bear bottle SO much that I decided to use the bottles for something else….

Vanilla Polar Bear Milkshake

When we were making the Kids Bake ‘em Cookies, we used real honey from a honey bear container. But, we were at the dollar store the other day (man I love that place!), and I spotted these mini honey bear syrup bottles! HOW CUTE are they?! I grabbed 3, realized that I was crazy, so I put one back and felt better:) Here is what the honey bear syrup bottles looked like before I got all crafty with them:

Vanilla Polar Bear Milkshake

In order to make a vanilla Polar Bear Milkshake, you’ll need some simple ingredients:

Vanilla Ice Cream


Honey (or honey syrup)

Now, I’m not going to mention that my first job when I was 15 was working at a ice cream shop (whoopsies, just mentioned it!), but I kind of consider myself to be a milkshake making professional master.

In order to make a great milkshake, you have to eyeball it. Don’t have a milkshake maker? That’s ok! Just use a blender. Don’t have a blender? That’s ok too! Just use a spoon and a cup. Trust me, the results will be the same!

Depending on how many people you are serving, fill up your container (milkshake maker, blender, cup, etc.) with the amount of ice cream needed. In this case, I used 3 huge scoops. PS- nobody ever complains about accidentally making too much of a milkshake. ALWAYS make more than you think….it won’t go to waste (promise).

How much milk should you add? Pour milk over the ice cream until it covers 1/2 of the ice cream in the container. Just eyeball it. Half of the ice cream should be above the milk you poured.

Next, add just a couple drops of honey. Honey is extremely sweet so just a little will do ya:)

Do you think Stella enjoyed her vanilla Polar Bear Milkshake? Mitch took off with his somewhere out in the front yard. He came back 2 minutes later with an empty honey bear container
The straw went missing.
Tt must be a boy thing.

Polar Bear Milkshake2

As you can see below, I emptied out the honey syrup and covered the original label with a honeycomb patterned piece of craft paper. The possibilities of how you could decorate these adorable bottles are endless!

Polar Bear Milkshake 2

Do you love easy sweet treats? Me too! Check out my gallery of SWEETS where you will find lots of quick and easy inspirations like this Blackberry Milkshake:

Blackberry Milkshake

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  1. I love this idea! So creative. I was looking at them thinking they looked familiar and was going to ask you where you bought them…and I felt pretty silly when I found out they were honey bears! lol
    Erin @ Strawberry Mommycakes recently posted…Banana Pumpkin Muffins with FREE Tombstone PrintablesMy Profile

  2. I love, love, love this idea! I can’t wait to get one more empty honey container!

  3. Such a sweet idea! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. What an adorable idea!! I don’t buy that honey but I think I just might now just for the bottles! Love this idea!!
    Maysem recently posted…The Good OneMy Profile

  5. What a cute idea! I don’t think they sell honey in these little bear bottles here in Costa Rica but I’m still pinning this to share with my readers. Such a creative use of the bottles and who wouldn’t love the shake inside?
    Jelli recently posted…Proven Best Motivational Tool for BirthMy Profile

  6. I just threw away a honey bear last night…time to dig through the recycle bin. This is beyond adorable.
    Amy of while wearing heels recently posted…Embroidered Favor BagsMy Profile

  7. Those little bottles are so cute! I’m going to check my dollar tree and see if they have them! :)
    Jenn recently posted…Edible Nostalgia: Chocolate Chip Cookies with Coconut and Pecans RecipeMy Profile

  8. What an adorable ice cream shake container. This sounds amazing.


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