Glowing Watering Can with Fairy Lights

Glowing Watering Can with Fairy Lights

The project inspired by this post (translation needed). I was able to find some similar supplies here in the US and got to work!

Welcome to Smart School House! Today I have a beautiful outdoor DIY to share with you. This glowing watering can with fairy lights is so beautiful and SO easy to make! Pick a special spot in your garden or yard (maybe even your fairy garden) where you’d like to hang these glowing lights pouring from a watering can. It’s gorgeous and unique!

Glowing Watering Can with Fairy Lights

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  1. It would be nice to have an English version and link to be able to order the lights.

    • You should be able to find these at as they are an international company

    • Jans Humbert says:

      i bought several boxes of fairy lights in the xmas section at walmart last christmas

  2. Where did you purchase your fairy lights. I am having a terrible time finding them.
    Such a cute idea.
    Thanks kindly.

  3. Where do i get lights ?

  4. Can you tell me what size watering can I need? Really not sure and I need to order as soon as possible. The idea of fairy lights flowing from a watering can is ace!!!! Thank you.

  5. I totally love the watering can and I do believe I’m going to try it!!!! Thank you Julie for putting it on your fb page!!!!

  6. Hi,

    What a really cool idea! You can use battery powered lights so you can put them just about anywhere, my daughter just loves fairies so this will be great for her to play and have a secret fairy garden,

    thanks again,


  7. Love this idea! The 9-strand spray of lights–did they have just 1 battery pack, or did each string have battery pack like the other ones you recommended?

  8. LORI phelps says:


  9. Are the fairy lights solar? And can they withstand rain and blowing dirt? Battery powered means I’d have to go outside on a daily basis and turn them off and on. 🙁

  10. The strands u used for the watering cans, did each strand have their own battery pack? I clicked on the iconwhere it said these exact strands will work as well, but there were only 8 pack on Amazon. Did the 9 pack come in as u said they were sold out. I found a 9 pack on Amazon but each has their own battery pack. I want to make this for my sister for her b’day. Please help. Thank u.

  11. Love the watering can snd the lights it’s an amazing idea.
    Could you let me know where to get the lights from plze regards jackie

  12. Can you please notify me when these lights come in again? Please and thank you.

  13. Where do I find e the fairy lights?

    • I found them on Amazon and If you order from Wish, they do take awhile since they come from China. Mine were soft white and one set was a pale yellow LED garland so they still have a soft glow, not that blaring white type of LED lights. had them much cheaper and free shipping but again you have to wait about 6 weeks. They are battery operated and its has the type of battery that is flat and round which came with the lights. I haven’t had to buy the batteries yet since they came with them and I don’t keep the lights on all the time. Also Lights and Dé have all kinds of garland and fairy lights from battery to electric ranging from $2.77 to $ 4.00. They also have them in soft white and other choices. Hope that helps.

  14. Dianne Lilley says:

    I have made this. I used solar lights straight string lights and weaved them in and out of the holes. I made the holes bigger. My watering can has been painted white with a maple leaf on it. It turned out great. I purchased the light on Amazon. They are the LED Solar Copper String Lights. There are 2 strings in the package. The price is about $30.00

  15. I made these with solar lights.

  16. OMG! HAHA! It’s so cute. Definitely something I want i my garden. Anyways, thank you for sharing this. It’s so lovely. 🙂

  17. Michael kelly says:

    Is there any way to make the fairy lights for the watering can dust to dawn. Or made so you could use a timer?

  18. Joya Long says:

    I want to put the water can at my daughter gravesite so I need solar. Where did you purchase the solar lights Connie Johnson?

  19. Krishni says:

    Looks absolutely stunning.I lI’ve in Durban,South Africa.Is there some place local I can purchase the lights?

  20. Hello 🙂
    Very nice, that you like my idea and release it! There is my original watering can 🙂