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How to make Diaper Babies for a baby shower or newborn gift! Do you know any soon-to-be parents? If you’re heading to a baby shower soon or would like to give expecting parents a cute gift, these diaper babies are a perfect DIY gift idea.

The EASIEST Way to Make Diaper Babies Using a Washcloth

How to Make Diaper Babies

Not only are they cute, but they are also VERY useful. When the diapers are needed for the newborn, they come apart quickly and are ready to use! Diaper babies are simple to assemble, quick from start to finish, and ADORABLE!

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The EASIEST Way to Make Diaper Babies Using a Washcloth


  1. Diapers
  2. Baby washcloths
  3. Scotch tape
  4. Baby socks
  5. Thin tip markers/pens
  6. Small basket


First, you will start with baby washcloths. Not all washcloths are super easy to work with though. At first, we bought some inexpensive ones from Walmart. Although they were SUPER cute (aren’t all baby supplies cute?), they had an extra edge along the cloth that made it hard to wrap around the diapers.


We used newborn-sized diapers, but premie diapers, size 1 diapers, or even size 2 diapers will work as well! So then I headed to the dollar store to look at their washcloths. That’s where we found these perfect ones! They have a thin edge that is great for wrapping diapers without being too bulky.

Baby Washcloths

You will also need some itty bitty newborn baby socks! Ahhhhhh they’re just so adorable! When it comes to the colors, pick any that work with the shower, the gender, or whatever you like. The color options are endless!

Baby Socks

Roll the diapers tightly as shown above and in the video tutorial above. What I LOVE is that I discovered that Scotch tap DOES NOT ruin the diapers! I have seen diaper babies made with pins and rubber bands. A lot of diaper cakes use pins and rubber bands as well. But, I specifically remember how paranoid the tiny pins made me when I unwrapped my diaper cake. New moms and dads don’t want pins around babies so making sure you don’t drop one or miss one makes more work that new parents don’t need.

Rolling a diaper for a diaper cake or diaper baby

Simply tape keeps the diapers rolled up tightly and keeps the washcloths wrapped perfectly! When it’s time for the new parents to unwrap them, it’s quick and easy without hassle or sharp objects.

Tape to keep diaper rolled up

After rolling up a diaper, fold the washcloth in half.

Folded baby washcloth

Place the rolled-up diaper in the center of the folded washcloth

Diaper and washcloth

Put one side of the washcloth over the diaper. Wrap the second side of the washcloth and secure it in the back with tape.

Once the diapers are all wrapped up, you add the sock as the baby’s hat and draw on little eyes. We used thin-tipped colored sharpies in blue, brown, and green.

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The EASIEST Way to Make Diaper Babies Using a Washcloth

We stacked them in a small white wire organization basket that I picked up in the kitchen aisle at the dollar store when I got the washcloths. I added regular (unwrapped) diapers behind the diaper babies to prop them up in the basket.

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How to Make Diaper Babies

How to Make Diaper Babies

Diaper Babies are made with diapers, baby socks, and baby washcloths. They are great for baby showers or newborn gifts!


  • Diapers
  • Baby washcloths
  • Baby socks
  • Scotch tape
  • Thin tip markers/pens
  • Small basket


  • Fold the washcloth in half
  • Roll a diaper tightly and secure it with tape
  • Place the rolled up diaper in the center of the folded washcloth as shown
  • Put one side over the diaper
  • Wrap the second size of the washcloth and secure it in the back with tape
  • Add a baby sock on top as the baby’s hat
  • Add eyes with thin pens/markers
  • Place the diaper babies in a small basket, using regular diapers behind them to prop them up and help them stand up straight.
    Diaper Babies


**To make the second row of diaper babies stand higher than the front row inside the basket, I used 2 folded diapers underneath them

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  1. Seriously the cutest baby shower gift I’ve seen in awhile!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!