Apple Juice Bottle Snow Globe



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Apple Juice Bottle Snow Globe

My daughter and I made a beautiful snow globe today out of a little apple juice bottle. It was such an easy project that Stella (3 years old) even made a YouTube video for you to watch! We used just one ingredient on the inside of the snow globe that works perfectly to create a slow moving scene on the inside.

Apple Juice Bottle Snow Globe

To make an apple juice bottle snow globe, you only need a few things:

Apple Juice Bottle (shaped like an apple)

Corn Syrup

Glitter & diamonds (or objects for the inside)

Super Glue

Stella was able to create the entire apple juice bottle snow globe all by herself! Since the ingredients are sticky and the bottle is glass, this is definitely an activity that you will want to monitor:) However, your kiddos will be mesmerized by their creation and the final product! Snow globes are so relaxing to watch! Here’s how Stella made it:

How to make an Apple Juice Bottle Snow Globe. A fun activity for kids to make!

We recorded a YouTube video describing the way we made everything. Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any cute activities to come!

Simply clean out the inside of an apple juice bottle

Fill the bottle with corn syrup. Leave just a little room at the top
(that little bit of air will allow the objects on the inside to move once it is sealed)

Add glitter, craft diamonds, or anything else you and your child want to the inside of the snow globe

Just to be safe, I sealed the lid closed with some super glue (not a kid activity!).

Here is a closer look at what the snow globe looked like coming together with the sparkle:

Diamonds in a snow globe

Here is what it looked like at the end!

Diamonds and Glitter in an Apple Juice Bottle Snow Globe!

As Stella said in the video, “Thanks for watching!” Please visit our gallery of Crafts for Kids to find more child friendly crafts!

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