Beaded Wine Stem Charms



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Beaded Wine Stem Charms

I’ve got a super easy, not to mention cute hostess gift idea next time you head to your neighbor’s house for a dinner party. Or, if you’re like me, and your dinner parties are lacking these days due to sick kids and busy schedules just go ahead and make yourself a set of these pretty beaded wine stem charms, because who doesn’t like their wine to look fancy? {Even if you are drinking it with your classy and super healthy dinner of hot dogs and mac and cheese}.

Beaded Wine Stem Charms

To make your own set, you’ll need:

black 20 gauge wire

wire cutters

needle nose pliers

coordinating beads {small and large}

wine glasses


Beaded Wine Stem Charms

I went with black and white beads and some of them had a few pops of color as well. The process is so easy, anyone can do it!

I just unraveled a couple inches of wire and cut it using my wire cutters. I bent one end using the needle nose pliers {no rhyme or reason to how I bent, just made a little squiggly design}. I then added small and large beads how I thought they looked best. When I felt that I had a good length {most were about 5 1/2-6 inches long}, I bent the other end with my pliers and admired my handy work.

Beaded Wine Stem Charms

Since these will eventually be a gift, I made a set of four and tested them out on my favorite wine glasses.

Beaded Wine Stem Charms

Let me tell ya, they are my new favorite thing.



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