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Earning money from doing chores works for my kids and I’m sure it works for many of your kids/grandkids too. Today I want to share how I have an organized chore chart with money that gets age appropriate tasks done at home. What I love most is that it teaches my kids how to manage the money they earn! I don’t want to raise entitled kids or lazy adults. But, a chore chart should not be stressful or too large/hard to keep up with.

Earn More with a Chore! An EASY money based chore chart system to motivate kids to do age appropriate chores #chorechart

Chore Chart with Money

Having a chore chart for kids is definitely a good idea, as long as it does not become more work for the parent. That’s where chore charts usually fail and, inevitably, get ditched!

We began to use a chore chart as a way to help our children help us. I started to notice that I was doing LOTS of little tasks around the house that my kids were totally capable of doing! Whether your kids are 4 or 17, there are definitely tasks around the house that they should be responsible for. I also want my kids to know how to do basic things like: laundry, dishes, organizing, taking care of a pet, etc. I will update, adapt, and challenge them with new chores as they grow.

THE BEST CHORE CHART! Teach kids how to manage money while learning how to complete essential household tasks. #ChoreChart

Kids can be motivated by screen time (tv, video games, ipad, cell phone, etc.), they can be motivated with experiences (a trip the the ice cream shop, a special park, etc.), or they can be motivated by money to buy things they want to buy. That’s the stage of life we are in! My kids want money whenever the ice cream truck drives by. They want money for the school book fair. They want money to buy gum at the grocery store… no matter where they are or what we are doing, they are always asking for something. Rather than buying anything my kids want, they can buy it themselves! If they want to earn more money, they can do more chores.

Earn More with a Chore! An EASY money based chore chart system to motivate kids to do age appropriate chores #chorechart

Why I Pay Money for Chores

  • It is motivational
  • It holds the kids accountable for money they want to spend
  • The kids do age appropriate tasks around the house
  • I can change the chores based on need
  • Less desirable chores have to be completed 

Some of the LESS desirable chores for my kids include picking up after the dog, vacuuming, and mopping. Learning how to pick up dog messes outside is a gross task (as is cleaning a toilet). But, those skills are essential for our household! My kids can be grossed out, they can complete other tasks first, but the bottom line is: they are part of this family and that is a task that they are fully capable of doing. Oh and sure, vacuuming or mopping takes a lot of time, but we need to share the time it takes to keep this warm and cozy home functional. End of story, right?!

THE BEST CHORE CHART! Teach kids how to manage money while learning how to complete essential household tasks. #ChoreChart

I created this chore chart using a magnetic whiteboard, magnetic clips, and snack size sealable plastic bag. The snack size baggies hold dollar bills perfectly. You could type up the chores or handwrite them on paper. Either way works! I have an extra baggie filled with other various chores that can be substituted as needed on the chart.

Earn More with a Chore

I do not hang this chore chart! First of all, I don’t want to make holes in the wall (call me crazy, but we just had the walls painted this year haha!). Second of all, the chore chart with money is mobile! If they’re sitting at the table, they can bring the chore chart there to decide. If they’re over at the island, they can use it there. Therefore, you do not have to use a whiteboard or magnetic clips. You can use a white canvas and hot glue some clips on, or you could even use poster board with tape! Make it work for you and make your kids work for the money!

You Will Need

Shop the Supplies Below:

Other supplies that can be used to make a chore chart with money:

  • Poster board
  • Chip clips
  • Cardboard
  • Post-Its


  1. Put dollar bills in snack size ziplock baggies
  2. Insert an age appropriate chore in each baggie
  3. Fold the ziplock over so that the baggie shows just the money and the chore title
  4. Using magnetic clips, attach the various chores to the magnetic whiteboard

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