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These 3 Smart Cleaning Tips are THE BEST! I’m so happy to share these amazingly easy and smart ideas with you now that spring cleaning is in full swing! Have I mentioned that I love spring cleaning season? I love to open the windows, let the sunshine in, and feel the breeze blow through a clean and tidy house.

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips

1. Use Pine Sol Lemon in the bottom of a toilet brush holder.

There is no denying that the smell of Pine Sol Lemon reminds us all that something is clean and there is no better place to have that wonderful deodorizing scent than in a bathroom, right? Plus, the extra power of Pine Sol in the toilet brush holder makes it super easy to do a quick and effective toilet cleaning.

Use Pine Sol Lemon in the bottom of your toilet brush holder.

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2. Re-Use Your Clorox Wipes Container in the Car

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are a staple in our home. We use them everywhere around the house, including the floors, the mirrors, the counters, etc! They kill cold and flu viruses and 99.999% of bacteria (no joke) making them very popular to me:) Needless to say, we go through several Clorox Disinfecting Wipes containers each year. Instead of tossing the containers, lift the lid off, put a dog bag inside, and snap the lid back in place again. It is a perfect little DIY trash can for places like the car!

Re-Use Your Clorox Wipes Container in the Car for a little DIY trash can.

3. Protect winter clothes in the closet with trash bags

In Southern California, we don’t have extremely cold winters. So, we don’t need to pack up any winter clothes into bins for storage. Instead, I like to protect the winter clothes in my closet with trash bags like this. They can still hang in my closet but they won’t collect dust or be messy. Glad garbage bags with antimicrobial protection are a great choice for keeping the hanging clothes just as they need to be for next winter with their guaranteed stronghold. Simply make a small cut in the bottom of the trash bag (right in the middle), slip the hangers through, and you’re done! Adios winter clothes, the warm sun is here to stay for a while!
(This works great for moving too).

Protect winter clothes in the closet with trash bags. This works great for moving too!

4. Smell Hacks 

Do you have a stinky room in your house? Try one of these genius DIY smell hacks to banish those gross smells.

Smell Hacks

6. Smelly Hacks

Everything from shoes to microwaves can eventually get really smelly and gross. Let’s face it, our pets don’t always make things easier for us. It’s not pretty, but we all experience it! I love all of these easy smelly hacks and solutions!

Smell Fixers

7. Tidy Tips

Are you a lover of all things tidy and organized? Me too! I enjoy keeping things in their place, but most of all, I enjoy creative and gorgeous ways of doing it.

Organizing is essential in our homes, but it doesn't have to be ugly. You will never be messy again if you use these gorgeous organizing tips. Make organizing fun and beautiful with these tips. #organizing #prettyorganizing #bathroom #bedroom #kitchen #organizingtips #smartschoolhouse
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