Cute Marshmallows



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Cute Marshmallows

Alrighty folks, I make it no secret that I go gaga over cute treats. The other day my kids and I were hanging out in the kitchen and we were looking for  something quick and easy to create. Insert: a cute marshmallow craft! They were just as fun to make as they were to eat. Plus, kids can make them too (moms get bonus points for that).

Sprinkled Marshmallow Dippers- an easy dessert that even kids can make

For this incredibly easy dessert, which we shall call Sprinkled Marshmallow Dippers because that is such a fun name, only requires a few materials:

  • Medium to large sized marshmallows
  • Sprinkles (any kind you have will work)
  • Light corn syrup
  • Paper Straws
  • A small brush (preferably a new little paint brush)

An easy way to create cute marshmallows! Sprinkled Marshmallow Dippers

Start by cutting your paper straws in half. Then, insert the paper straws into the marshmallow until they are secure. That is a perfect job for little hands if you happen to always have kids in the kitchen like I do.

Using a little brush (I have a couple of small brushes that are dedicated to fun food crafts like this), paint a very thin line of corn syrup around the bottom of the marshmallow.

Next, roll the corn syrup coated marshmallow in some sprinkles!

Place them on a piece of wax paper (or a surface that won’t stick) and let them dry. Drying time is only about ten minutes.

Looking to make these cute marshmallows for a party? Simply store them in a large sealable plastic bag once they are dry and they will last until party time!

An easy way to create cute marshmallows! Sprinkled Marshmallow Dippers

My kids ran outside and ate a couple of marshmallows in complete bliss! Life is all about enjoying what you have and creating memories, right? With just a few materials we created an easy dessert and happy memories. These Sprinkled Marshmallow Dippers are so easy to make, we are looking forward to finding an excuse to make them again soon!

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  1. Definitely making these for our next party, and love that the kids can get involved! I always wanted to know how to make those cute marshmallow pops! So happy to have found your site through Pinterest, can’t wait to check out more posts 🙂

  2. Love these. You have the best ideas (and photos to go with them). Pinning these to remember for our next party!