How to Make Paper Flowers



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How to Make Paper Flowers

I recently received a Silhouette Cameo and I must say, I’m in love! I purchased a cute piece of farmhouse inspired furniture awhile back but I wasn’t sure what to do with it. The poor thing sat empty for about 2 months because I couldn’t make up my mind. I knew I wanted to keep it rustic looking but I also wanted to add a little glamour as well. Farmhouse glam we’ll call it? Ha! Thanks to my Silhouette Cameo, I have decorated it perfectly and I’m excited to share how to make paper flowers in just 3 steps!

How to Make Paper Flowers with your Silhouette Cameo

So here is what I started with. Cute! Lots of potential! But, empty….

How to Make Paper Flowers

First things first, you’ll need a Silhouette Cameo like THIS ONE to make these particular paper flowers.

Next, visit the Silhouette Online Store. Then, search for paper flowers (no really, type in paper flowers in the search box and tons will show up!).

The flowers I used for this craft were:

3d Camellia Flower  –  3d Double Impatiens  –  3d Peony Flower  –

3d Camellia Flower 3d Double Impatiens 3d Peony Flower

You can find all of the tutorials for assembling each flower on Bits of Paper
(links are in the description of each flower on the Silhouette Online Store)

While the flowers look very intricate, and they are, they are actually very simple to make!

How to make a paper flower:

  • 1. Cut scrapbook paper (I used various shades of white) with your Silhouette Cameo- links seen above.
  • 2. Roll the petals with a pencil or skewer- visual directions found on Bits of Paper- link above
  • 3. Glue the flowers together by stacking them according to petal size (small to large). I used quick dry tacky glue and it was perfect for these flowers!

I used delicate string lights (about $7) around the chalkboard with the paper roses. It’s beautiful during the day and it’s beautiful at night! Those little string lights give off just the right amount of shine so you can use them anytime of day.

How to Make Paper Flowers

I added some farmhouse style decor found at Michaels. They have so much to choose from! Glass milk bottles, milk cans, decorative apple crates, etc. I’m so thrilled with how it turned out! Plus, I can change up the paper flowers depending on the season. I chose not to attach the leaves to my flowers but that’s only because the frame of this piece of furniture is green so it didn’t need anymore green.

Isn’t that easy? Cut, roll, glue! Gorgeous paper flowers are so EASY to make!

How to Make Paper Flowers with your Silhouette Cameo

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  1. This is gorgeous project! I love how you enlarged those flowers! Yes, Silhouette makes crafting easier 😀 Enjoy your Cameo!