Lollipop: A Cute Felt Craft Tutorial



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Everyone loves a lollipop! This felt craft is so quick and easy and the lollipop is so sweet (hehe!). These lollipops are a fun party decor prop and they also make a cute kids craft! I just love whipping together a fun felt craft. Here is the simple step-by-step tutorial on how to make a cute felt lollipop:
#DIY Felt Lollipop

You will need:
Styrofoam circles (I got these at the dollar store)
Colored felt
Paper straws
Ribbon (optional)
Hot glue
First, you need to trace and cut a white felt circle. Glue that circle onto the foam. Then, you need to trace another circle, but this time, with the colored felt:
Next, cut a spiral (kind of like the shape of a snake) into the colored felt. I did this freehand, but if you aren’t comfortable doing that, feel free to trace a spiral in the felt as a guide!
After that, you will glue the spiral felt to the circle (that is now covered in white felt). Do this by starting in the middle of the circle. Leave a little white space between the swirls as seen below. Your swirl will reach beyond the edge of the styrofoam, but that’s ok! Simply use the foam as your guid and the lollipop will take on a perfect circle shape. So easy!
Felt Craft: Lollipop
Finally, take a paper straw (I found some with swirls just like the lollipop!) and push it into the side of the foam circle. Be sure to secure it with a little hot glue.
I just looooove my lucky glue gun🙂
All done! What an adorably sweet felt lollipop, don’t you think?
Lollipop: A Cute Felt Craft Tutorial
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