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Mom You’re the Balm! DIY Mother’s Day Card

You might have seen me making this card on Instagram (you can find me on Instagram here). I was with All You Magazine celebrating #Crafternoon. Who doesn’t love a good excuse to craft on a Friday afternoon? This week’s celebration was all about DIY Mother’s Day cards. My very last craft of the day was inspired by my latest trip to the grocery store. While I was there I spotted the last red EOS lip balm container! This stuff is so popular, everyone knows about it! Because of that, your Mom is sure to love it too!

Mom You're the Balm! A free EOS Mother's Day Card. Download your free copy here --->

To assemble your card, use a couple dots of hot glue to attach the EOS lip balm to the card. It’s no secret that I love hot glue. One of the reasons is because it’s actually really easy to remove on certain surfaces, hard plastic being one of them! So, it will stick the EOS lip balm to the cardstock but it will peel off the bottle instantly when your mom is ready to use it!

For this DIY Mother’s Day card, you will need:

  • My free printable (found below)
  • Hot glue gun
  • EOS lip balm (this is the exact color I used)
  • Cardstock paper. It’s thicker but not 100% necessary if you don’t have it.

Mom You're the Balm! A free EOS Mother's Day Card. Download your free copy here --->

To get your free printable, simply click the image below. Then, click the printer icon at the center of the next screen.

Mom You're the Balm free printable Mother's Day card by Smart School House

The reason for the cardstock is because it is thicker, meaning that it will help support the weight of the EOS lip balm better. You can find white cardstock at any craft store or office supply store (it comes in the same size as regular printer paper). However, if you’re short on time or cash, simply use what you have!! Plain white paper will still work and will STILL put just as big of a smile on your mom’s face.

Mom You're the Balm! A free EOS Mother's Day Card. Download your free copy here --->

Happy Mother’s Day!
(and a big fat Happy Mother’s Day to my mom up in Heaven!)

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  1. I LOVE this cute idea!!! Will you be making one that says Grandma??
    Thanks so very much!!