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If you have young children, then you kind of understand the need to put a not-so-spooky spin on Halloween. That’s ok! Little kids aren’t always ready for the spooky and ghoulish decor that might be out around your neighborhood. I know my kids aren’t! In fact, my kids would love to stumble upon an Olaf pumpkin during October. I think that would just make their day! Your kids too?
How about donut pumpkins or even cupcake pumpkins? Ok, I can’t lie… Even I’m in love with these non-spooky pumpkin ideas! I’ve never been a huge fan of anything scary (spiders and snakes included). So, when it comes to Halloween decor, I always find myself picking out the friendly and fun things over the spooky and scary things. If you can relate to me, then you’ll love these non-spooky pumpkin ideas! Happy Halloween!

Non Spooky Pumpkins

18 Creative Pumpkin Ideas

1. Gum Ball Machine Pumpkin

This is such a cute painted pumpkin idea using acrylic paint. They submitted it to a pumpkin decorating contest, and it won 2nd place!

Gum Ball Machine Pumpkin

2. Tinker Bell Pumpkin

How to make a Tinker Bell Pumpkin with fairy dust! It looks so beautiful glowing at night.

Disney Tinker Bell Pumpkin for Halloween

3. Disney’s Olaf Pumpkin

An Olaf Pumpkin could work for both Halloween and Christmas! (source unknown)

Disney's Olaf Pumpkin could work for both Halloween and Christmas!

4. Cookie Monster Pumpkin

Ha! Know anybody who loves cookies? This Cookie Monster Pumpkin such an easy and adorable idea. (source unknown)

This Cookie Monster Pumpkin such an easy and adorable idea

5. Ninja Turtle Watermelons (could be done with pumpkins too!)

Use glow sticks to make them glow with different colors! (source: Crushable)

Ninja Turtle Pumpkins

6. Scooby Doo Pumpkin

Paint a pumpkin with brown and use pieces of felt to make the eyes, mouth etc! The nose is a foam ball cut in half. Source unknown.

Scooby Doo Pumpkin

7. Charlie Brown Pumpkins

The great pumpkin Charlie Brown!

The great pumpkin Charlie Brown!

8. Mickey Mouse Pumpkin

I can think of a few kids who would love to make this! (source unknown)

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin

9. No-Carve Mickey Pumpkin

This pumpkin is by cbayley and she was inspired by her fall trip to Disneyland!

No-Carve Mickey Pumpkin

10. Sugar Skull Owl Pumpkin

Carve and paint a pumpkin and add flowers on top. Beautiful! (source unknown)

Sugar Skull Owl Pumpkin

11. Sunflower Pumpkin

How beautiful is this? Via Gayle Schmidt


Sunflower Pumpkin

12. Pirate Ship Pumpkin

Turn a pumpkin  into a pirate ship….Sooo awesome!! Via Erin Dean

Pirate Ship Pumpkin

13. Tide Pod Container Pumpkin

14. Sleeping Baby Pumpkins

Complete with a pacifier. These are so cute! Definitely a non-spooky idea!

Sleeping Baby Pumpkins

15. DIY Baseball Pumpkin

Do you know any baseball fans? Show them this!

DIY Baseball Pumpkin

16. Minnie Mouse Pumpkin

This is so cute! (source unknown)

Minnie Mouse Pumpkin

17. Elephant Pumpkin

Try and find a pumpkin with the best stem for this cute idea! (source unknown)

Elephant Pumpkin

18. Baby’s First Halloween

Adorable idea!! Trace their prints on paper, cut it out and tape it to the pumpkin to carve. (source unknown)

Baby's First Halloween

19. M&M Pumpkins

I love how they are stacked on the stairs! Source no longer available.

M&M Pumpkins

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