Picture Frame Ideas



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Picture Frame Ideas

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We moved into our house a little over a year ago and I’ve been hesitant to decorate. I prefer to wait until I know what I really want before making purchases (or making holes in the walls!). We had this huge wall that was blank all year long. It was prime real estate for something beautiful, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I tried hanging a clock there but it wasn’t right. I tried adorning the granite below it with art and knick knacks, but still wasn’t happy. FINALLY I’ve found the perfect decorating solution for this big beautiful wall and I’m so excited to share my picture frame ideas with you! I got my hands on the prettiest D.I.Y. picture frames I could find on Pinterest!

I FINALLY found a beautiful, clean, bright, and inexpensive way to decorate this will with these crisp white Pinterest inspired frames!

I kind of got used to window shopping on Pinterest and finding things that were WAY out of my price range. Plus, they weren’t perfect if you know what I mean. Thus, the wall stayed empty because my perfectionist self was being stubborn.

I was browsing Pinterest, pinning things like a crazy lady (as per usual) to all of my boards, when I stumbled upon these Cut it Out decorative wood frames. Surely, I thought they would cost me an arm and a leg! Being crafty, I can’t stand spending too much on creative ideas that I swirling in my head. But, have you seen these custom frames that start at around $3.00?
Say whaaaaaaa?

I need them. I need them all!

I grabbed a tape measure and a couple post-it notes and pencil scratches later, I ordered
4 of these bad boys.
Plus, the Orange County girl in me has a soft spot for anything named “Newport”

The flawless wood frames arrived quickly and in perfect condition. So I got to work on that darn wall!
Pick your frames, paint them, and hang your pictures! A perfectly pretty Pinterest inspired wall is that simple (so smart!)

The Prettiest DIY Frames on Pinterest! I've searched high and low for the perfect frames and these are them!

As you can probably tell, the style of my home decor is clean, simple, and crisp (well, those sparkly diamond inspired candle holders make my heart go pitter patter too!).

I can’t wait to get my hands on more of these Cut it Out decorative wood frames! I’m looking to tackle the walls of our playroom next and I’m visualizing a colorful variety of kid friendly frames. So exciting!

Picture Frame Ideas. #DIY picture frames. Just what I was looking for! LOVE

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  1. sad to say by the time I found this post the price of these babies went up to $17.00….boooooooo sad face……

  2. These are GREAT! I am so going to get some to use for Mother’s Day gifts! Thanks so much!